Forget tea bags - dipping cigaretteas is the way forward

Whether dipping cigarettes into your brew would make you look ragingly cool or like an absolute berk who should be whisked away to the nearest asylum remains to be seen, but the Cigarettea is a novel approach to making a cuppa.


The filter of the faux-fag keeps the thing afloat while the segment that would normally hold the tobacco is filled with tea-leaves. Obviously, these will be no use to anyone trying to knock smoking on the head as they'll serve as a delicious, refreshing reminder.



  • Mrs L.
    I'm going to get a load of these to hand out to the rapscallion hoodies in town that constantly ask me 'got a spare fag mate?' Yes i fucking have actually! Puff away son!
  • Nob
    Their hunting pan looks good. Whack a cow with the sharp edged frying pan and up up with a pan sized steak.
  • Wow
    That frying pan is a work of genius. Well spotted Nob.
  • Marquis S.
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