Fans of mechanically recovered meat products, your luck's in

After our post at the weekend showing you what the content of some chicken nuggets looks like before it's bleached, here's a pretty video about how every scrap of meat is scavenged from an animal's carcass, so you can enjoy "100%" fish fingers and beefburgers. And yes, the rectum is meat as well:


  • Food C.
    It still tastes good...
  • One F.
    I might buy one of those machines so I can make my own nuggets
  • piggy
    Mmm, rectum meat, a delicacy in some countries!
  • yak
    WTF!! is this meal?
  • Bazinga
    He speaks such perfect English.
  • LanceVance
    I use a picture of Susan Boyle as my De-Boner.
  • Marge
    This reminds me of the first Oddworld game!
  • Yoda
    Rectum? Damn near killed 'um!
  • PokeHerPete
    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!
  • zacspeed
    Would it be legal to feed Piers Morgan through one of those?
  • akiss
    but does it blend?
  • bushbrother
    Is that Borat as the voice over?
  • dodger
    So we eat the arse of the carcarse?

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