Fancy a McDonald's McRib?

A Reddit user has shared a picture of a frozen McRib - the legendary McDonald's sandwich - and people aren't impressed. The user said: "My buddy works at McDonald's and sent me this photo of raw McRib meat."

And here it is.


Of course, McDonald's rarely put out the McRib and when they do, it is for a limited time. This has seen people getting obsessive about it to the point of creating a McRib Locater so it can be found wherever it is in the world.

Frozen, it doesn't look too great, but then again, most uncooked meat looks pretty hanging.


  • thingonaspring
    it just looks like you'd expect a frozen burger to look to me. what i want to know is where in the world this is - if it's UK, i'm in.
  • Bum f.
    Same as above, it looks normal. So what's all the fuss about?
  • Roge
    it's frozen meat. that's what it looks like
  • Clunge
    I had 3 last week in Spain. Fabulous things! All McDonalds on Spain still sell the McRib as part of their normal main menu, no limited edition bollox there.
  • evilnoodle
    Looks just like a "king rib" or "mock chop" you would find in any chip shop in Aberdeen (albeit without the batter).
  • Cheesey
    If it's unhealthy and annoys the food purists then I'm all for it.

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