Dunkin' Donuts are UK bound


Dunkin' Donuts are going to have another stab at the UK market, saying that they will be opening 150 new outlets over the next five years. Presumably, they think the timing is better now that Krispy Kreme is doing so well on these shores.

Dunkin' Donuts last tried to win Britons over in the '90s, but things didn't work out as planned.

Initially, 50 restaurants will open in London over the next five years, before rolling out around the rest of the UK.

They already have more than 10,500 restaurants in 31 countries and, not only that, the company's sister brand - Baskin-Robbins ice cream - already has 100 outlets in the UK.

If America is sending all their food chains over her, can we please have a Wendy's and a Waffle House and we'll send Greggs on an exchange?



  • Grandma N.
    Screw dunkin duff-nuts, let's be having you Tim Horton's! ...affordable face stuffing doughnuts coffee, toasted bagels & soup, way better than a mcshites.
  • What T.
    The last time Dunkin' Donuts were here, they were a junkie scum magnet. Filthy places, they better have a more practical strategy this time round. Anyway, what's taking Taco Bell so damn long to roll out? They already have a distribution network in place as they are from the same stable as KFC and Pizza Hut, so why do they only have 3 (ish) outlets in the UK? I hear they sell nigra modela beer, but not Tennant's. Sad face.
  • Emilio E.
    @What sort of retard can't spell Tennant's: Taco Bells? FUCK YEA! Burritos to fart the night away with.
  • Emilio E.
    Panera Bread too!
  • badger
    @ Mof Wendy's were here in approx the early 80s. They were the best burgers ever at the time, but even in the States they're pretty run of the mill now. I'd really like to see Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits opening here.
  • Emilio E.
    and IHOP
  • Emilio E.
    Golden Corral also
  • Emilio E.
    Ponderosa as well and Cracker Barrel for the old uns.
  • Kevin
    Dunkin Donuts aren't good, Krispy Kreme are. IHOP would never work as the amount you got for your money would never be possible here! But I'd love it.
  • R. S.
    Big Boy, Dairy Queen, In-N-Out Burger, A&W plus Chipotle to add to the list. But they wouldn't be quite the same this side of the water.
  • hillsandvalets
    I can't believe he spells his name "Dunkin'." That is all.
  • Terry W.
    They can keep all their crap "food" in America. Can't beat a Greggs doughnut (the Yanks can't even spell it right)! Krispy-Kreme are not bad, but over-sweetened.
  • Grandma N.
    @terry (oversweetened?, you forgot overpriced) ...is it run by the Turpin family? I tend to see this overpriced shit at overpriced motorway stops.
  • great s.
    How about a "Fresh & Easy" over here?
  • What T.
    ^ I've heard that your mum is "fresh & easy" although recent reports suggest that then"fresh" part may be rather subjective...
  • Nick S.
    Chipotle is already here. But I wanna see Wendy's comeback and Popeyes mmmm
  • Nic
    re Tim Horton's They tried selling Tim Horton's coffee and pastry/dough-based products via kiosks in select Spar shops 4 or 5 years ago (a cross between those Costa Express and Krispy Kreme booths you see in service stations). I know there was definitely one in the Spar at Manchester Airport Arrivals. Google suggests it died a death in England but may still be going in Scotland and Ireland.
  • joulupukki
    +1 for Popeye's
  • Spencer
    +1 for popeyes or bojangles + 1 for cracker barrel + 1 for IHOP and $5 all you can eat pancakes and +1million for Checkers which are by a margin, the finest burgers in existence. also + 1 for souplantation (or sweet tomatoes if you prefer) for when you get sick of eating fries with everything. This country needs more buttermilk!
  • El M.
    What sort of retard can't spell Negra Modelo? +1 for Steak 'n' Shake
  • Danny
    We need a Cold Stone Creamery
  • Joe
    Fuck Dunkin' Donuts or Taco Bell, we need a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. For those who haven't heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGkHRa64sDY

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