Does it taste as good as it looks, or look as good as it looks?

If we should be overly pedantic about anything in life, it should be about our food. We are what we eat, so if Food In Real Life is anything to go by, we're slightly yellower than expected and perhaps half the size we should be. It's painfully obvious what the point of the site is - to compare the image of the product on the packaging to the product itself once cooked. Perhaps more appetising than the food - not much of it is - are the descriptive efforts of the blogger eating his way through this crap, so you don't have to. Of the Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken Primavera, he writes:

"While it didn’t make me cry, I wasn’t happy to be eating it either.  The chicken was very dry, the noodles were cooked about 50% past al-dente, and the vegetables didn’t have a taste (or texture) at all. The painted-on grill marks on the chicken were convincing though."

And here are the before-and-after shots of that particular taste sensation:

Bitter Wallet - Lean Cuisine after

[Food In Real Life] via [The Consumerist]


  • Nobby
    That doesn't look that different from the picture on the box. Many ready meals are much worse.
  • Martin
    OMG. It's like soup. I'd probably eat it though
  • Mickey
  • zeddy
    Worms in snotters. That is all.
  • andy y.
    Nice tapeworm stew
  • Amanda H.
  • Mookie
    Hmm ok it doesn't look that bad? Not THAT much different from the box, all ready meals are the same. I've seen much, much worse.
  • chools
    Is that before and after eating?
  • -Mike H.
    Looks like Spa Cuisine go round Newcastle on a friday night and scoop up all the pavement pizzas and repackage them as ready meals. mmmmm

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