Custard cream and bourbon ice-cream for the heatwave!

26 June 2015

With a heatwave set to hit the UK (c'mon - let us be excited as it might be the 2 days where we don't get rained on this year), we need to invest in some appropriate snacks.

And so, to Asda who have knocked it out of the park and allowed our arteries to harden in advance, with a twist on a classic biscuit - you'll be able to horse a load of bourbons and custard creams into your gob, but ice cream sandwich versions! YES!


It goes without saying that bourbons and custard creams are staples in the British diet, and these ice-cream versions will hopefully get us all staples in our stomachs as we grow ever outward after gorging on them all summer.

Should you need these things explaining to you, the bourbon affair stars some chocolate ice cream between two bourbon biscuits, while the custard cream number is filled with vanilla ice-cream. They need to do a jammy dodger one too, with raspberry ripple middle and a load of ice-cream squidged inside it.


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