Connoisseurs pop their corks over £12.99 Aldi champagne

Quick, stock up the shed with booze: a champagne which costs just £12.99 from Aldi has beaten loads of other fancy champagnes in a blind taste test at the International Wine Challenge 2013. And that includes Veuve Cliquot, which retails at £130.

Aldi champagne

Wine boffins and spittoon filling tossers gathered at the event and tasted several vintages. One of the best was Aldi’s Champagne Veuve Monsigny by Philizot and Fils. The judges said it was ‘classy and complex’ - which sounds like a ghost written novel by Kim Kardashian - but apparently that’s wine speak for ‘ace.’

The champagne won the silver medal at the Wine Challenge – with the panel decreeing that it offered ‘an intense nose of baked apple, brioche and stone fruits with gorgeous flavours of apples, red fruit and minerality on the palate.’ (But does it get you pissed?)

Last month Aldi’s £10 own label gin also scored highly in a similar taste test at the International Spirits Challenge, beating brands that cost five times as much.

So if you’re a booze enthusiast - or just a common or garden alcoholic - get down to Aldi today with an articulated lorry.


  • klingelton
    their Czech lager is very good as well. big bottle for a quid.
  • purplehornet
    They do a Hungarian Chardonnay (maybe called Budavar, I think?) which was recommended to me by a sommelier at a posh works do. £2.99 a bottle and absolutely immense.
  • Aunt B.
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  • Lucy S.
    Actually, I've changed my mind and I do give a fuck about being bullied and getting abuse every time I write an article. By all means leave constructive comments, but please don't trade personal insults about me or quote my Twitter feed. Thanks.
  • Mike O.
    Ignore them Lucy, they're humourless cretins to a man.
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    Wino, perhaps you should get a grip on your own poor use of punctuation before you slag off others' writing?

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