Commercial Break: Robbie Williams - coffee shill

8 December 2014

Having spent much of his career apeing the likes of James Bond - 1998's second album I've Been Expecting You and accompanying videos for the You Only Live Twice-sampling Millennium etc - the popular music recording star Robbie Williams is shivving off the need to rejoin Take That by advertising coffee.

Yes, the star whose last video of him pissing off his birthing wife showed a level of no shame whatsoever, has got his tuxedo on to flog Café Royal's array of items.

As is the modern way, you can also do something in exchange for free content from the singer.

What with Williams joining George Clooney in the 'advertising coffee' we should brace ourselves for clown workshop Olly Murs muscling in soon.

What a time to be alive.

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  • narfette
    ....what a douche

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