Burger King make 'Whopper Wine'

30 September 2015

As well as showing off their Black Whopper, Burger King have decided to go into the wine business, with the delightfully named 'Whopper Wine'. We wished they'd called it 'burger wine', because that sounds horrible.

Anyway, this BK wine comes with the tagline of 'fire is what we do best', and it has been launched in Spain to celebrate 40 years of serving bits of cow to Spaniards.

burger wine

The wine, which is not a joke, has been aged in flame-grilled wooden barrels to give it a smoked flavour, which Burger King reckon compliments you eating a Whopper. It'd be nice if it neutralised the burps you get from all the raw onions they put on them, but we can't have everything.

The limited edition wine actually harks back to their first Spanish restaurant, where they used to serve wine alongside the junk food, which sounds brilliant and should be a thing again.

Here's a video about the Whopper Wine. We're hoping KFC make an alcoholic drink based on their chicken gravy, so we don't have to put shots of vodka in ours on the sly.

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  • Dacouch
    If it's from Burger King, I can guarantee the actual wine will bear no relation to the advert picture. That's how they roll

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