Burger King: delivering in the UK

19 February 2015

burger-king-simpsons Okay stoners, there's some good news for you - Burger King have announced a home delivery service in the UK.

Don't start tearing your clothes off and screaming in celebration just yet though. As ever, with these things, BK are trialling it in certain areas first. So, if you live in Hornchurch, Gants Hill, Romford, Hayes, Northampton, Truro, Skegness and Hull, then you're in luck.

As for the rest of the country - if this doesn't get rolled out nationwide, you'll know who to blame for not making the delivery service a rousing success. We'll understand if we hear reports of angry mobs descending on Truro or Hull with pitchforks.

If this proves worthwhile for Burger King, then the other fast food chains might join-in, which will be huge competition for Just Eat and Hungry House.

A cursory glance at Twitter, and the reaction to the news is pretty good. Unless you live in an area that isn't delivering yet. They're taking it hilariously badly.

So, if you're in the right bit of the country, you can visit Burger King Delivers and check your postcode to see if you can order a Whopper to your front door.

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  • monkeyhanger
    As much as I like Burgerking Burgers, they need to sort their fries out as McDonalds ones taste far nicer. They should stop cooking their fries in the same oil that they dunk chicken and fish products into too.
  • Alan s.
    Are you kidding monkey hanger? Maybe they are just lazy in smoggy land. Burger King make the best fries. Get yourself to scotch corner.
  • digibanger
    all joking aside McDonalds best burger is 1000 times worse than Burger Kings worst burger. McDs stuff is insipid. Just shows the power of branding and market positioning and advertising. MH they do do crinkle cut "healthy" fries that are v nice too. But I don't understand why the don't all do proper chips, chippy style...

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