Burger King bring Halloween Whopper to UK

Halloween is on the way, which gives grumpy parents the right to tell their children that Trick Or Treating is little more than organised begging, while their offspring look fondly at the amount of parties America is having.

Of course, all the shops will be getting in on the action as it is all a nice little earner for them, especially if they sell sweets.

Burger enthusiasts will be pleased to know that they'll be catered for, as Burger King are bringing their black bun burger to the UK. Spooktacular, or something like that. Have a look at it.


If you've been paying attention, you'll know that they've been doing these black burgers in Japan for a while. This isn't the strangest thing BK have done - they even had a burger perfume recently, which sounds like dodgy sex chat now we've seen it written down.

Well, now the UK will be able to bite into a gloom burger, which is blackened by some natural colourants, and has BBQ flavours going on as well.

The Halloween Whopper will only be available in participating Burger King outlets on 31st October. Keep 'em peeled.

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