Britain, your cinema food is killing you!

popcorn The chief executive of the Food Standards Agency has put Britain on red alert and warned that we might all have to start taking wheelbarrows to cinemas, as we struggle to carry the supersized snacks that are on sale in the foyers across the land.

Tim Smith’s reference to wheelbarrows has undoubtedly detracted from his serious message, namely that cinemas sell humongous portions of grub (for extortionate prices, obviously) and that little or no nutritional information is provided.

While acknowledging that we don’t eat cinema food on a daily basis, the FSA said that: "The food on offer at cinemas is food… is often high in fat, sugar and salt. It is also served in pretty large portions and people don't have a choice to choose something smaller, for example the smallest soft drink on offer can be as big as a pint and popcorn tends to come in large buckets."

The Times headed off across the nation to check out the startling information but only got as far as a central London cinema, where they blethered that a large sweet popcorn weighed 375g (13oz) and was likely to contain around 1,800 calories.

While we’re on complaining, Avatar was at least an hour too long and had a plot that a pig could have scrawled on the bag of a cereal packet. Oh, and there’s far too many trailers and adverts before the film and the 3D glasses had a smudge on the lens and some fat bastard was kicking the back of the seat and chewing his fucking popcorn too noisily.

Last time we go to the cinema.


  • numbnuts
    what pisses me off is they charge £3 for a pissy little tub of popcorn. Come on give us a decent amount for that!, I could buy a shithouse full of the stuff at tesco for £3
  • Jase
    @numbnuts - do it then. The only thing I've bought from cinema concessions is nachos. The softdrinks, popcorn and sweets are bought from the Adsa around the corner at a fraction of the price.
  • andyofyarm
    Er Cinema's sell mainly treat junk food.No Shit. The Food Standards Agency ,another fucking waste of money quango.
  • Alan
    When we went to Glasgow Imax to see Avatar, they were kind enough to not play any trailers and just play the damn movie straight away! :) Thats the way it should be done! :)
  • wonky h.
    The Food Standards Agency are all a bunch of fox bummers
  • singhster
    Avatar is a real pile of wank.
  • BlueBoy
    Yeah shell out you tight bastard and watch Avatar on the IMAX, no trailers there!
  • Bogey B.
    I had to be carried out in a wheelbarrow from avatar as i lost all feeling in my legs and arse, same happened watching LOTR
  • Brian
    Posted by Bogey Bear: "i lost all feeling in my legs and arse" Hi, my name is Brian. My Stepfather always tells me, "One in the bum, no harm done"
  • The L.
    Luckily it's way too expensive to afford!
  • Andy D.
    Avatar on in the IMAX at Gateshead had ads and trailers. They even started it all late so they could make an announcement about not nicking the 3D glasses.
  • agatha
    Avatar was 3 hours too long. And, a brain damaged tape worm could have written a better script. What a load of shit!

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