Brit shoppers turn sneaky thanks to recession

10 March 2009

JIMMY:  Hey Johnny, saw you coming out of Halfords the other day.

JOHNNY:  What? I haven’t been in Halfords for, like, months.

JIMMY:  Yeah you have. You came riding out of the shop on that 24 carat gold bike what’s all covered with diamonds.

JOHNNY:  Eh? Which 24 carat gold bike what’s all covered with diamonds?

JIMMY:  That one you’re sitting on now.

JOHNNY:  Shit. Listen – you tell anyone I’ve got this and I’ll cut you. Understand? I’ll cut you like a Russian.

JIMMY:  Okay, okay, take a chill pill.

Conversations like that are going on all over Britain at the moment according to research from insurance types eSure. They reckon that one in 10 of us are lying about or covering up what we’re spending because we don’t want to been seen as flash bastards while others perish in the recession.

In another survey, from Kensington Financial Management Consultants, 38% of shoppers feel guilty spending in a credit crunch, but manage to bury that guilt away and keep on shopping. More alarmingly, 50% of shoppers have fessed up  to hiding away their sneakily acquired goods from our partners.

So, in a nutshell, 10% of us feel guilty about treating ourselves while others are suffering, but half of us think nothing about lying to our significant others on a regular basis. Great Britain – what a nation!


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  • -=Mike H.
    I got one of those Bvlgari bikes, I stripped all the diamonds and gold off in Halfors carpark then took it home so the mrs thinks it's just one of the cheap POS bikes that Halfords sell, nudge nudge.
  • Adam2050
  • magicbeans
    i am considerably richer than YOW!
  • Bob M.
    shut the fuck up magicbeans, your poor like a poor boy
  • Bob M.
    you couldnt afford the bell on that bike. ;)
  • Spoonyboy
    So thats why I'm paying Esure so much for my Car Insurance? So they can perform surveys about how people lie to their partners. If we sack all the people who do 'surveys & reports' then companies could use the money to provide a cheaper service.
  • -=Mike H.
    Wrong Spoony, they'd give the money to the management for doing such a sterliing job, fat greedy bastards!
  • MattS
    I frequently tell colleagues, friends, and family about all the goodies I buy. I'm not ashamed with the fact that the recession hasn't affected me at all (yet).

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