BOGOFs could be told to 'Bog off!'

It could be curtains for the beloved BOGOF if interfering government ninnies get their own way.

Supermarkets could be banned from offering ‘buy one get one free’ deals as DEFRA demand that food waste levels are reduced through voluntary action. Tough, enforceable laws that possibly involve thumbscrews could be introduced if the supermarkets do not comply.

Before we all get up in arms over the plans, it is believed that as BOGOFs are phased out, they will be replaced by half-price offers, giving the customer greater flexibility and choice, as they get to buy exactly the quantities that they need. Wider choices of portion sizes could also be introduced as we hurtle into the future.

The news follows plans by DEFRA to simplify the ‘best before’ date displaying on foodular goods. It’s all bundled up as part of a series of reports called Food 2030, which sounds like some kind of awful sci-fi cookery show if you ask us.


  • Craig
    Who the hell is getting confused by best before dates!?
  • zeddy
    @craig: you would not believe the people who don't know what the difference between "use by" and "best before" is. Some people even think "sell by" has a legal significance!
  • Nobby
    > Food 2030 Isn't that the date that the current government will have the report ready by. In this £5.7Billion study they will reveal that all food is bad for our health, but essential to live. So we should abstain from eating all food, whilst continuing to eat normally.
  • Bullet
    Eat according to your enviroment, I eat Pigeon and Pine trees.
  • andie
    nah, food 2030 refers to the number of gb's of data that will beon the usb memory stick some numpty MP loses causing the report to be completely restarted. he never backed it up because the usb stick was on half price rather than bog of
  • jaffacake
    bogoffs are a seriously bad idea. if it's just as cheap to buy two as one, why not buy two and throw one away. I've seen it happen in my house. I fully agree with the government banning the idea. jaffacake
  • dados
    Ouch,thats gonna hurt the tubbies
  • Damian
    I agree with this too.... Some offers in supermarkets are insane, like bread when they're 3 for £3, who the hell is gonna eat 3 loaves of bread in 5 days? forcing you to freeze or throw, atleast if it was half price or reduced to a £1 a loaf then you had the option of buying one or more if you're a buy loads and freeze it person. I would be much happier with buying 1 item at half price than 2 at BOGOF, I can then get more space in cupboards instead of it being filled with 2 tomato ketchups, 2 tubs of gravy powder, two jars off coffee, two four packs of beans, two, yeah you get the idea... I also think it will make us healthier, the other day I was in tesco's and they had Jaffa Cakes on BOGOF (or buy two for £1, something like that) so ofcourse I bought two, if it was half price I would have just bought one and saved my body from more crap. For sure the supermarkets will sell less in the SHORT term, but I will eventually need that second ketchup and second gravy so atleast this way it's clogging up their stockrooms and not my cupboard,,,, Only downside is I can see the 3 for £20 beer deals having to go too :-( Good Move Defra
  • Matt
    So if they don't do it voluntarily then they will be forced to do it. How is that voluntary?
  • Big D.
    Why should the government intervene . . . . Its ridiculous. . I only take advantage of BOGOF deals if I know I can use what I buy within the use by date . . . They treat us as if we are imbeciles. . . . As if they haven't screwed us enough without taking our BOGOF deals. Instead of interfering with our shopping, why don't they run the country properly so we don't need to rely on these deals to make ends meet. . . . .
  • Matt
    My moto... If it's wet, drink it, if it's not yet turned green, eat it!
  • The B.
    I can see the point of it but it still perplexes me that people buy things they wouldn't normally buy because they're on 2 for 1. I'm not saying I don't buy things on bogof, in fact if it's something I use regularly (bog roll, tinned tomatoes,shower gel, you get the idea), then I buy a shitload of it and stockpile, if it's stuff with a sell buy date on that I know I won't use then why the hell buy it?
  • Jeffrey A.
    The Real Bob - because people may buy it thinking 'oh, I may or may not use it, so I might as well just have it incase as it won't cost me anything' Plus they also thing 'Its free! I'm having it whether I'll use it or not!' - loads of people have this mentality. If they just made them half price offers instead, then every consumer would win. Those who want two, can buy two and keep their bogof. Those that want one, can buy one and get it half price. Makes perfect sense, apart from the manufacturers wouldn't make quite as much cash on them if you think it through logically. Which means, they'd either have to up the basic price, or make them only 50% off. Portion sizes are another problem they need to solve. Its almost impossible to buy things for single people. Unless you go to the fresh food counters where it is more expensive, almost everything comes in at least twos. I usually end up buying something, eating one portion, then deciding I don't want the same thing the next day and having to throw it away. So wasteful.

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