...because someone else will put it back, right?

2 February 2011

At Bitterwallet, we love our mundane photo blogs. Nothing brings us greater pleasure in fact, aside from hiding all the chairs from the Mobot rookies.

Here's this week's fabourite, and it'll strike a cord with each and every one of you - Someone Else Will Put It Back.  It's a celebration of all those items you dump on the first available shelf, either because you realise you no longer want or need it, or don't have the means to pay for it.

Yes, you could trail all the way back to the other side of the store like a good shopper, but why the fuck bother when you can keep somebody else in employment? Big Society and all that, eh?

Someone Else Will Put It Back 1

Someone Else Will Put It Back 2

[Someone Else Will Put It Back] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Andrew

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  • steve b.
    I love it. This gives me the springboard I need for my patented "Steve Blag's Supermarket Drop" game that I've wanted to take over the world with for sometime but never had the platform. It goes like this. Whenever someone fucks me over in a supermarket (based on anything from looks, attire, hitting me with trolley, light hitting them wrong, overwhelming whiff of patchouli oil), I find an object to put in their trolley. My wife and I have a cobbled together points system, but it's fucking great. Some examples - a side of ham for a hippy-looking type; condoms or durex 'play' for a couple; something very organic for the pikey family who've only bought frozen blue-stripe crap... you get the idea. Extra points are obtained if : 1) They actually buy it 2) You manage to put a heavy object in a basket, not a trolley 3) You manage (as my friend did once) to slam-dunk a coconut into someone's handbag (he missed the trolley) 4) You get busted and manage to blag your way out of it 5) You start a row between a couple 6) You start a row when a parent accuses their child of putting things into the trolley. 7) You manage to add obscene quantities of something they already have. Basically, you can make up the rules as you go along as long as you get very little shopping done yourself and generally cause problems for anyone who pisses you off. You heard it here first. Try it. You'll love it.
  • PokeHerPete
    @steve blag - Im going to stick a OnePiece in your trolley next time, bet you wont notice.
  • steve b.
    Only if it's grey. I have one in blue, pink and fuchsia already.,
  • Nob
    I've done the "putting sweets in a trolley where there is an obnoxious kid". Great fun.
  • fanpages
    This also works in reverse. Slip in a bottle of your favourite tipple, or whatever, & when you "accidentally" purchase it claim somebody else must have put it in the trolley. It may work... but don't do it every week! :) Regarding those that leave food that should be chilled, or frozen, on the dry food shelves, they ultimately raise the average price of goods for everybody else in the long term when the items left behind have to be disposed of because they have been spoiled. If you see somebody drop-shopping, wait until they are at the checkout, & present them with the item whilst asking (loudly) if they were aware they dropped it in the aisle. They'll either take it & buy out of shame, or claim it was not their item at all to which you can respond "Sorry, I must be confusing you with somebody who gives a toss". Either way you have drawn attention to their behaviour. BFN, fp.
  • Graeme
    put a packet of condoms in an old ladies basket/trolley always get s a chuckle with the look of panic on her face at the checkout. not done that one for years
  • PokeHerPete
    @steve blag - I was thinking fluorescent orange, a personal favorite. @ fanpages - you dont need to sign your messages, we can see your username. FAG (fuck a goat) pp.
  • Behold… B.
    [...] today, in response to our Someone Else Will Put It Back piece, avid Bitterwallet reader Steve Blag shared with us the rules of a supermarket game he enjoys [...]
  • Darren G.
    Staff love it, as it gets them out of dealing with winey customers one the checkouts when they got to do "put-backs" of course, you should never dump frozen/cold food out of the fridge/freezer, thats just stupid. But if you are ever wondering why there are not staff on the tills in the evenings, they are too busy putting back crap people leave. On average when I worked at tesco about 8 years ago... there was between 3 and 8 trollys full a day.
  • Nob
    To those not liking the chilled/frozen items out of the freezer, there is of course the other old favourite of putting drinks into the freezers. See if you can get a bottle of water totally frozen without staff noticing.
  • maxtweenie
    Maybe they were put back on the shelf by people who were 'victims' of knobhead Blag and his childish 'game'? Dickwad.
  • DragonChris
    @ Darren - "Staff love it" - I hope that was sarcasm - I fucking hated putting stock back after the lazy customers left it at their ass, and I worked in a smallish shop. Had plenty of other stuff to do without picking up after them - and it typically would be cold stuff I'd find. Bad times. I do like the game above though, does sound like a laugh :D
  • Reverend J.
    oh come on my people, this is just childish!. Rip off security tags and throw it in their bags!
  • It's P.
    I love this. All of it. Try the It's not pink blog at fpw dot org dot uk

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