Bacon: The champion of British snacks

Snacks are better than proper meals. The only thing better than snacks is when you supersize them into meal sized portions. Basically, the only thing better than a bacon butty is five bacon butties.

And the might bacon sandwich just so happens to be the favourite snack of the British after it came first in a poll. No great surprises there, but we like writing about bacon.

Following hot on it's greasy little tail was cheese on toast, sausage rolls, Cornish pasties and scotch eggs. Imagine all those on one plate and you, with your face shoved in it, breathing them down you as your heart works overtime. Delicious.

The poll for Olive magazine saw over half of the readers voting for bacon, because bacon is best. A divide between the North and South of the country revealed itself also, with Northerners preferring brown sauce with their pig, and Southerners looking lustily at Ketchup.

Christine Hayes, editor of Olive, said: "The survey shows that the Great British public love a bacon sarnie, not just for breakfast but any time. But everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect butty as we can see from the North/South divide."

Which do you prefer? And if you're a vegetarian, you can piss off with your cauliflowers.

Next week: Full scale war breaks out between North and South over bacon butty sauce.


  • chewbacca
    not halal. cold.
  • Dr Z.
    A roll and sliced square sausage. How wonderful!
  • Fat S.
    North and South of what country? You do know the internet is accessed by people all around the world, right?
  • SecondOne
    too much bread
  • Idi A.
    Red sauce and mayonnaise hits the spot for me. Yum!
  • Han S.
    @Fat Fucking Bob from Scotland "Next week: Full scale war breaks out between North and South over bacon butty sauce." - Korea obviously
  • chewbacca
    @Overweight Robert from England 1) I've pulled you up about this before - you're fooling no-one, if you're Scottish, then you're a Boab. 2) You would know this if you re-read previous "articles" that you had posted on. You utter fucking wank.
  • Yorkshire S.
    @Fat Fucking Bob from Scotland Folks, this guy is not serious. He's just trying to create aggro. Maybe he's introvert. All the Scots I know can read and write English. After all, we helped the English to develop the language. The clue is in the title of these posts - Bacon: The champion of British snacks BRITISH right. Includes Scotland and England, right? @Fat Bob, your name "sucks". Get a life.
  • Yorkshire S.
    @chewbacca I don't mock any religion. But let's be honest. Mother never bought pork and suchlike during any month without an R, i.e. hot summer months. Pork can go "off" quickly in the summer and is a health hazard. Now we've all got 'fridges. The Halal and Kosher thing was established by Middle East Clerics of the Jewish and Muslim kind as a public health provision to control the population: Tell them that they can't eat pork because it's unsafe, and a few will ignore the advice. Some might die and/ or cause others to become ill. Tell them that it's a sin, that the devil slept with swine, and that they'll suffer eternal damnation and go to hell (i.e. written into religion like a commandment), and the vast majority won't eat pork. It's that simple. When I go to the Middle East, I can get bacon and rashers for breakfast, usually made from turkey or beef. Why? Because the people there like the bacon that they had when they were students in London!
  • chewbacca
    @Lancashire Englishman tl;dr And anyway, I don't give a fuck. Our country, our rules. If they don't like it, they should fuck off.
  • Lord S.
    @Chewbawbag You really are a miserable fucking arsehole.... (que @namechange and tirade of abuse)
  • Captain C.
    I like my pig with hot and spicy banana sauce; which strangely ISNT yellow.
  • chewbacca
    @Prince Wankface Who the fuck asked you and what's your fucking problem anyway? If you don't like my name changes and abuse, you can fuck right off as well.
  • Fat S.
    fuck you, fuck your opinion and fuck me in the toilets please.
  • Lord S.
    I've got a bite... snigger
  • Lord S.
    @Chewbawbag I sense a bit of tension, you need to unwind a bit. why dont you go and have a wank? wait, you're probably composing a one-handed riposte right now.
  • Sarah
    Following hot on it’s greasy little tail *its. Didn't you go to school?

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