Asda start to sell 'wonky veg' boxes

A lot of fruit and veg is thrown out by supermarkets, because they're not aesthetically pleasing enough, which of course, is a complete nonsense of a situation. Perfectly good food, being thrown out because it isn't pretty enough.

Well, Asda are trying to do something about it, and have started selling their 'wonky veg' boxes, as of today. And the great news is that they're going cheap! You can get a box of veg for £3.50, which should last you a week.

asda wonky veg

For your money, you'll get knobbly potatoes and crooked carrots, as well as in-season vegetables and salad ingredients.

The staples are all covered, so you'll be getting spuds, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, cabbages, onions, and all that good stuff, all selected for the boxes because they're a bit misshapen. They'll all be washed, as normal, and sold for 30% less than the other veg.

It saves on a lot of waste from producers, and you get a bargain if you're not bothered about blemishes and growth cracks on vegetables. It's a win-win situations. Good work Asda.

Check your local store for stock.


  • stacey
    Just wounded wt atore do this please im in hatfield
  • M D.
    Fantastic idea please sell the wonky veg box on line as my nearest Asda shop is 40 miles away and that is one way wish I had a Asda shop nearer that is why I shop on line and get my order delivered so just hoping you can get this box on delevered shopping
  • Ian
    In France a new food waste law requires supermarkets to sign contracts with waste food charities to distribute unsold usable produce. Expect an EU-wide Directive to follow... eventually.
  • DrJogalog
    £3.50 looks likke the going rate for whatsin that box. If anything be better spending the money on vegetables you want instead of pot luck and throwing it away because you can't use 3 cabbages in 4 days.
  • Fagin
    beginnings of a Kimchi perhaps DrJogalog?

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