Asda plans relaunch own-label food to make it look less rubbish

asda-basketAsda are about to launch 4000 ‘quality’ products. So that'll be 4000 quality products they'll have in-store soon. Sorry, that was a lazy joke.

Anyway, they're having a massive marketing push to remind you that they exist and want you to buy their products, rather than branded products. This recession has seen Asda doing rather nicely in terms of selling their own wares.

It's not surprising that they're looking into this, especially when you consider that Asda's own chief executive. Andy Clarke, criticised the company after saying that food quality was something the chain ‘hadn’t been as focused on in the past as it should have been’.

For a while, Asda had been crowing about being the cheapest, but failed to stake a claim at being 'the best', which is not great marketing. Being cheap and rubbish is not exactly what you want to be selling yourself on.

Adrian Thomas, retail director at marketing agency Billington Cartmell, told MM that the retail industry had been surprised when Asda began to emphasise its price guarantee earlier this year, as this was already seen as the supermarket’s area of strength.

So what will these quality products be? Well, apparently, they'll be providing our children's gaping gobs with crisp sandwiches. Yep. That's pre-made crisp butties.

According to WeightWorld, tt's part of something called the 'old school' range and will set you back 60p. That's real class and quality in action right there.


  • Joff
    About 10 years ago I had the misfortune of watching an Asda Finest staff training video where they tried to rationalise the reason behind launching the range, in essence "customers think our own label products are crap so we'll offer an alternative that costs little more to produce but has a higher selling price".
  • David
    Joff, Finest are a Tesco label. Asda rebadges their stuff under the Extra Special label. What is a surprise is that often the smartprice is actually better quality than the extra special....!
  • ASDA v.
    were here to screw you blind
  • DHL
  • Paul C.
    I heard there was no sausage in cumberland.
  • michael t.
    i've heard there was no black in blackpool....
  • Paddy
    Well, there's plenty of £unts in Scunthorpe.....
  • Mark H.
    I think this article misses every point. Quite an achievement.
  • Zeddy
    Crisp sandwiches are for pussies. My mate used to eat Mars bar or United biscuit sandwiches at school lunchtime. I just had cheese.....
  • Gareth
    Thats insane. I've seen premade fish finger sandwiches though
  • jason
    at my pub, we sell gourmet fish finger butties- fresh fish, with homemade tartare sauce, bloomer bread, for 6.95.goes down a treat!
  • Dog M.
    Asda is for scutters. The End.
  • Touchwood
    Visiting an Asda is not a pleasure - I feel like I'm mutant watching at some vast post-apocalyptic thunderdome.
  • Kevin
    It's like the newest Asda advert saying they are cheaper. But going to Sainsbury's or Morrisons doesn't make you feel like you've been dipped in chav does it.

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