Asda do something nice for a change

Since they were bought by gun totin’ Walmart, Britain’s favourite bum-patting supermarket hasn’t exactly been known for its altruism (unless you count a great deal on mouldy ham and pineapple pizza in the Whoops! section.)

Love in the aisles at the Asda Supercentre, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

But now, Asda is pledging that it will donate ALL its surplus stock to charity, though a scheme called FareShare. FareShare will then redistribute the food to people in poverty, of which there are an estimated 5.8 million in the UK. This will include bread, meat, dairy produce and vegetables that would otherwise be destined for the bin.

It all adds up to around 3 million free meals for the stricken people of Britain, who are lining up at food banks across the country. But FareShare doesn’t operate as a food bank – instead it donates the food to 910 charities around the UK.

The scale of the scheme, which amounts to 1,500 tonnes of free food, is unprecedented, and enough to give even the most hardened cynic a warm Tiny Tim glow around the edges. It’s environmentally sound, socially progressive and...kind.

What on EARTH has gotten into them?


  • toujours
    Its all going to go to Muslims to feed their terrorists abroad.
  • chewbacca
    So, once again, people that are too lazy to work, or too stupid to earn enough money to live on get freebies that the rest of us pay for. Great. Reward the meek, the feckless and the retards. The fucking morons.
  • james d.
    Can they write off the tax for the value of the food they donate?
  • Han S.
    It’s hardly unprecedented seeing as Sainsburys and Tesco donated 4200 tonnes of food between them in the last 12 months – www thegrocer co uk/companies/supermarkets/sainsburys-and-tesco-helped-fareshare-feed-more-than-ever/342999.article
  • John
    @james dewitt Yes the suppliers can write off the tax. It's basically a "look at us" PR thing tbh as Han Solo has already covered
  • Dick
    Is this the stuff that's left after they have reduced them in price. Last time I was in ASDA at closing time they were doing bread at 5p a loaf. The whole lot went as soon as it was labelled. I dread to think what shit they have left that people don't want to buy at those prices.
  • shiftynifty
    Chewbacca...put your pitchfork away...doncha know benefit bashing is so Han Solo`s a PR JOB....why not bash/trash that..
  • Don't s.
    Don't be silly, this isn't done to write off the tax. You think they would have to pay tax on stuff they can't sell (ie stuff past its sell by date)? Of course it's just a PR exercise as it is tax deductible whether if they donate it to charity or chuck it in the bin anyway.
  • Zeddy
    Have you seen the cretins that frequent Asda? They should just hand over the free food there and then instead of sedning it to the "middlemen" charities. I shop at Lidl as I like to be one of the Cognescenti.
  • Zeddy
  • Spelling P.
  • Zeddy
    Ok, so I aiming. Lidl is just the start! I'm hoping to work up to Aldi then Farmfoods.
  • Mike U.
    @Zeddy Do not forget that stalwart Jack Fulton
  • Chewbie
    Flex wid da reduced price bacon
  • Asshats
    Lets not forget the costs they'll also not incur from all the bin emptying. As said though, I've seen 1p loafs, this stuff must be absolute shit!
  • Chris M.
    It is rare that I get so irate about the crap spewed on the internet but clearly the elitist ignorant hate speech in this thread suggests that the authors all married their aristocrat cousins. Here are the FACTS: 1. Supermarkets will, of course, try and reduce stuff before they give it away - that's business. The stuff that is given away will be after the "Whoops" aisle. 2. Best Before and Use By dates are, in most cases a way of controlling stock rotation for the manufacturers. The vast majority of food that hits these dates is FINE to eat. However, the current law forbids retailers from selling it without a special licence. 3. Asda is my preferred supermarket. I have an honours degree and am on my way to a second. The fresh food is particularly good quality! 4. Poverty can happen to ANYONE - not everyone who needs "hand outs" does so out of choice/laziness. The credit crunch has seen multi-millionaires reduced to living in hostels. 5. Current government policy makes it incredibly difficult for the disabled to work and often these people who are desperate to make and pay their way in the world are reduced to charity. 6. Of course there are some spongers out there. But even if there are - their kids didn't choose to be born to people who choose not to work. Are they just meant to starve? 7. Not all homeless people are drug addicts - many are homeless through no fault of their own. And so what if they are - what do you propose? They starve to death until they repent? You may as well starve someone with cancer until they promise to stop dying. I realised after Thatcher died that trying to convince right-wing bigots that they don't have the whole picture is like trying to embroider syrup, so all I can say is be grateful for your silver spoon - the fact that you can't relate to any of this makes you the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive. Oh - and as for the suggestion that it goes to feed terrorists? Can you show your working there? Or do you just want to carry on banging your skinhead against the wall so the IQ points continue to tip out of your ears? You don't deserve to be called British.
  • WaNkY H.
    Shite! You do not need ANY licence to sell food past its best before date. Use by is not permitted by legislation.
  • Dick
    > 3. Asda is my preferred supermarket. I have an honours degree and am on my way to a second. The fresh food is particularly good quality! Preferred supermarket is often down to location, rather than education.
  • Mr. P.
    Mmmhnh? Sorry, I dozed off. Have I missed anything?
  • Cheesey
    @Chris Merriman What are you doing on a website with a bunch of rancid retards like us?
  • Old G.
    @Chris This site is for whingers so we can rail against the corporate fucktards that squeeze every last penny from our dying grasp whilst complaining about falling profits. The politicians that force spending cuts on us then fiddle their expenses. The obscenely overpaid footballers that have such a short career but are made for life after one season. The Bankers. The Bakers, the Candlestick Makers. Actually you'll fit right in as you're complaining about the comments!
  • fuck b.
    I never realised you had to be a NF member or an elitest prick to be a member here. And yes, its a sweeping generalisation... as most of the inverted snobbish comments on here prove. Blame the unemployed!!!! Blame the sick!!! They screwed this country, not the bankers!!! Even though Asda et al doing this costs me FUCK ALL amd doesn't impact me negatively in ANY WAY. Daily Mail reading pricks
  • Dr Z.
    fmb: and where do you see yourself fitting in all of this?
  • fuck b.
    I dudbt think I'd left my position in any doubt..
  • Sporky M.
    Ah so you're backwards then?
  • fuck b.
    If your referring to the nick... yes. Or were you referring to my intelligence level?
  • Asda W.
    [...] Via Yahoo News: [...]

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