As bacon is branded Brits' number one food - here's six of the best

26 July 2012

bacon It’s official! Britain’s favourite foodstuff (as if there was any doubt) is… BACON! A survey of 2,000 human beings, carried out by the Food Network has shown that more of us prefer the sizzling sandwich-enhacer more than anything else, with chicken and chocolate coming in second and third (the Daily Mail have the top 100).

Here at Baconwall… erm, Bitterwallet, we’ve been advocating the beautiful pig meat as the solution to all of mankind’s woes for a long time now – so here’s our six favourite bacon features once again…

• Take bacon into the bedroom – yes, it’s BACON LUBE.

• You won’t make it to the bedroom without some romance first – say it with BACON ROSES.

• Wake up the next morning to the beautiful smell you know and love, courtesy of the BACON ALARM CLOCK.

• Drink it, drink it, drink it! Yes, it’s BACON SYRUP.

• Hailing from the promisingly-named Stan’s Formalwear… say hello to the BACON TUXEDO.

• The ONLY thing to watch while you revel in your bacon-only lifestyle – why it’s BACON-CAM.

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  • Spencer
    Baconlightenment is the aim for all civilized people. Go forth and enjoy.

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