Amazon coming to shopping malls - with collection lockers

8 September 2011


The reach of Amazon is about to get even, erm... reachier? That’s because the online retail giant could shortly be popping up in shopping centres around. Don’t worry though – they won’t be opening actual stores that are filled with practically everything.

No – what they’ll be doing instead is installing ‘click and collect’ lockers, for you to pick up your Amazon purchases in person, if you’re that way inclined. They’ll be aimed at those of us who buy stuff from Amazon but who aren’t in to take delivery.

Your stuff will be delivered to the locker location of your choice and you’ll be supplied with a unique code allowing you to get into the locker and get your hands on the goods. Got to be easier than making a trip to your local post office miles away from anywhere when you hardly have any spare time.

Amazon have signed a deal with Land Securities, who own a range of shopping centres around the nation and it’s looking as though the first click and collect lockers could be at One New Change in the City, in the city that is That London.

What do you reckon to all that then Bitterwallteers? Will it make your life easier or do you prefer to shop with Amazon so that you DON’T have to visit shopping centres. Tell us, you sexy monkeys.

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  • Joe
    Seeing as how everything I order from Amazon seems to end up getting nicked in transit, sounds pretty damn good to me.
  • Phil76
    Is there anyone in the country who either can't accept parcels at work, or doesn't know someone who can? What the hell can you be buying from Amazon that's so embarrasing you don't want anyone to know you've brought it? Is your music taste that bad?
  • Marky M.
    @ Phil76 How about:
  • Rich
    We have an amazon distribution warehouse in Swansea...I've always wondered why it still takes 3 to 4 days for a parcel to be delivered to me approx 10 miles away. A collect at warehouse option would be even better
  • Sneaky M.
    I like the idea, also, who won the fucking magazine contest!
  • Avon B.
    @ Rich Because if the van has gone via Merthyr, the diesel will have been nicked (or drunk).
  • Phil76
    Thanks Marky Mark, I'm somewhat relieved that there's none available used.
  • Joe
    @Phil76 I can't. Don't know anyone here (barely know my neighbours) and work won't allow it. So I have to chance that whatever I order doesn't get ponced off me by some little cunt.
  • me
    That's amazon's free postage about to vanish once they have a coverage of stores. Handy for those who live near them and a fucker for all the rest of us, esp those who don't drive. Didn't ebay try something similar once with collection stores? Or did I dream that.
  • captain_shamrock
    The town planners should fight this on the grounds of 1. unauthorised change of use from a1 retail 2. detrimental impact on high street shops
  • Cheesey
    The larger lockers will be brilliant for nights out on the lash - somewhere to sleep/puke/have midget sex.
  • ByBox
    We're delighted that Amazon have finally endorsed the delivery locker model. The more locker banks on the streets, the better! ByBox already has 1000s doors right across the UK, which can be used with any retailer today. If you want to have a sneak peak of the experience or you're just fed up of waiting in for parcels, then try
  • diana
    Phil76: Me. I'd use this amazon locker for whatever I can carry on my bicycle if it were an option. Hopefully doesn't mean things get more expensive or free delivery disappears though.
  • james D.
    I actually would use this service, although I can have parcels delivered at work, I am not always sure I will be there and I dont know anyone who lives near me who is always at home. Although it doesnt appear that land securities have a building in swansea, they do in cardiff at least. Maybe amazon will start letting us pick up from the FC in swansea.
  • Janne P.
    iFlorist incorrectly debited my credit cards 4 times for 1 order. YES - FOUR TIMES and I have not been correctly reimbursed....almost 12 nonths later. It gets to the stage when the energy and time is just not worth it. That is what companies like this bank on. DO NOT USE under any circumstances. If they can MISUSE MY CREDIT CARD like this...they dont deserve to get ANY business.
  • john w.
    Janne is your comment actually relevant to this article, call your credit card company, you probably clicked refresh 3times or back after you placed your order. Try a reviews website to pedal your woes.

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