All hail the pizza-burger!

12 September 2013

Get a load of this - some bright spark has come up with a 1,340-calorie pizzaburger because "some things just belong together".

The glorious item was created for the Boston’s Gourmet Pizza Restaurant, by putting a half-pound Angus bunger within a cheese or pepperoni pizza, topped off with burger pickle and a pizza base of mozzarella and pizza sauce.

pizza burger

"We're not pretending that it's a healthy product," says Brad Bevill, vice president of marketing. "You're talking about a hamburger and pizza wrapped together."

The pizza burger is cooked in an oven like pizza with a precooked burger inside. "Our cultural love of pizza stems from our emotional connection to social consumption," Bevill says. "I'm seeing lots of pizza tattoos on Instagram."

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  • fibbingarchie
    '...a half-pound Anus bunger...' - Sounds about right.
  • shiftynifty
    Soppy americans in lets come up with shitty fat food thread alert again
  • badger
    @ fibbingarchie So how did you get on with your thread shopping?
  • Teddy E.
    Mmm bungers.

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