All hail the 48 piece McNuggets meal

Eating McDonald's McNuggets is an act of self-loathing, but one of the more enjoyable ones. All that beige being thrown into your system - marvellous!

Over in Japan, they're taking things to the next level, by offering a J-Pop themed 48 piece McNuggets bucket. Just imagine that. Think of how fabulously tired your jaw and stomach would be as you ploughed through all those nuggets.

48 piece

That even beats the America order, where you can get a paltry 40-piece Chicken McNugget meal (although, during the SuperBowl, special offers go upward of 50).

The group on the Japanese bucket is called NGT48, which are referred to locally as 'nugget 48', which saw McDonald's hitting on an idea for a tie-in.

So if you're in Japan, a massive fan of cheap chicken and pop music, you'll need to get a wriggle on because this is only available for a limited time only. You'll also get collectable cards with the deal too. You might not collect them all, as your heart might explode half-way through your second bucket, but at least you went out with a bit of style.

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