Aldi tops taste test again

It might seem like a shed at the end of the world full of toothless people and piles of Juceeee blackcurrant cordial stacked up as if awaiting Armageddon - but once again Aldi has delivered the goods.

Economic Warning Signs Increase

The pernickety tasters at Grocer magazine have awarded the budget supermarket 16 gold awards for their own brand goods – beating Tesco with 12 and Waitrose, who only got 3. And their 99p pack of summer berry herbal tea bags, which look as if they should taste like a Yankee candle left out in the rain, went onto beat Harrods own brand bergamot and green tea bags which cost a whopping £5.95.

The blind taste tests proved once again that just because something looks as if it fell off the back of a Chinese shipping crate, it doesn’t necessarily taste that way. And it seems that the other supermarkets are going to have to up their game if they’re going to deliver on actual quality, rather than pretty packaging.

Adam Leyland, editor of The Grocer, said: ‘Aldi’s success is no fluke. Consumers in particular now believe Aldi’s quality to be better than the major chains on almost every conceivable measure.’

The testers gave Harrods ZERO gold medals, despite being the benchmark for British quality food. This means that The Queen will probably start shopping at Aldi now, stocking up her trolley with award winning Belmont jaffa cakes, Fiesta fajita dinner kits and Diplomat tea bags.

Maybe she’ll pick us up a few fags and a scratchcard while she’s at it?


  • Mustapha S.
    Quite like Aldi, just a shame they're slowly inching their prices up so no longer the bargain filled place it used to be, even that shit hole ASDA is cheaper now.
  • badger
    Yes, some of their stuff's good but it's not the bargain it used to be: many of these medal-winning lines cost the same (or more) than Morrisons or Asda. Aldi's truly cheap lines are cheap for a reason - their muesli is sugar and dust, and the washing powder is hopeless.
  • Dave C.
    I've noticed too the price of things going up, 6 pink lady apples were £1.99 now £2.49, mushrooms £1.19 now £1.49 and I thought tesco were bad for stuff like that
  • Alexis
    Their coffee is bloody awful. But their imitation Baileys is lush. Go figure.
  • Dick
    They have also stopped selling Disco Biscuits.
  • Ben T.
    I am sure that Lidl still sell the Disco Biscuits, Dick.
  • Cheesy E.
    The stuff is fantastic. Prices are moving up everywhere. What this does confirm is they do sell the best quality at the best possible price. Tesco value or Asda smart price are just poor quality sold cheap.
  • JC M.
    Posted by Ben Telford • June 4, 2013 at 12:49 pm I am sure that Lidl still sell the Disco Biscuits, Dick. thats a bit harsh, he was only asking
  • Steff
    lol JC Mac have you noticed the nickname he used "Posted by Dick" ?
  • Joulupukki
    @ Steff New here?
  • WhatTheHell
    I love their tea. Makes a lovely cuppa. I can't speak for the gin though.
  • Big M.
    Aldi sold sold Disco Biscuit but now to my great disappointment they've been renamed 'Groovy Biscuits'. No longer worth putting them in the kids' lunch boxes.

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