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4 November 2009

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  • Tom
    Surely this depends upon the age of the children? At one supermarket we go to, there are trollies for toddlers. My 2yr old always insists on grabbing one of them. I spend the whole trip holding onto the trolley, which doesn't make for a quick trip! However if I don't hold the trolley, then he would be careering down the aisles knocking things off, running over peoples feet, kneecapping them etc. As a parent, I try to ensure that my child doesn't run riot and make a hooligan of himself ... but I'm aware that other parents simply don't care and let them run off around a store for an easy life.
  • Amanda H.
    Just got back from Asda have you Andy?
  • JonR
    you childless really have it tough, don't you? fucking hell, i had no idea.
    • Andy D.
      @JonR - I've got two kids actually and I'd never let them push a supermarket trolley around. In the same way that I'd never let them, say, drive the car.
  • Childless
    We only have it tough when parents don't parent..
  • Shadow
    ahaahh obviously people gonna do the most funny response - shot on sight
  • BobF
    Parcel tape and nightnurse, something every parent should have. At least Tom there appears to be making an effort, its the ones that just let the kids run wild that cause the problems in the ever narrowing aisles.
  • JonR
    i'm totally going to give it a go. your annoyance and condemnation arouses me beyond belief.
  • Pedant
    What the hell are they doing in the supermarket anyway? Havent they got chimneys to sweep?
  • Andy B.
    Maybe you should all stop pro-creating.
  • Shanks
    Shanks here. When he was younger I sometimes used to let my son push the trolley around Carrefour. He enjoyed it, didn't cause any trouble, and he proved a veritable lady magnet. I would never have contemplated letting little Shanks drive my car however. The difference being that you have to take lessons and pass a test in order to drive a car. This is not true of a supermarket trolley.
  • JonR
    @Shanks says it nicely, but i'd like to add: one thing i learned quickly (after "pro-creating") is that lots of people have opinions as to what constitutes acceptable parenting. however all of these opinions (a) vary wildly and (b) are generally worthless, naive, po-faced, obnoxious, completely fucking clueless, and so on. so one tends to ignore them (except for the best ones, which become anecdotes to be retold to other incredulous parents for their entertainment value).
    • Andy D.
      This might be a good time for us all to come together, huddle and look at http://whythefuckdoyouhaveakid.com/
  • Martin
    Seriously? This is the worst behaviour you found in the supermarket? What about old people who stop two abreast to have a chat then moan about youth today when you ask to get past? What about the people who don't bother packing their bags until the cashier has scanned it all? What about the home shopping pickers who clog up the aisle with their oversized trolleys and undersized manners?
  • The B.
    It has to be said that some of the adults are a fuckload more anoying than kids, I had a woman take umbrage at me the other day after I barged here trolley out of the way, I had of course loudly stated "excuse me please" on 3 seperate occasions and on one of them she looked at me and then quickly looked away, rancid old bitch. At least with kids you can just trip the little cnuts up as they run past if no one's looking.
  • The B.
    annoying, separate, her trolley, I really should spellcheck.
  • Ows
    This REALLY doesn't work in Google Reader!!
  • spampen
    You are the kind of childless tossers that use the parent and child parking spaces arent you. More relevant why do disabled people think they can use the parent child spaces when the allotted disabled one are used up? I cant use theirs! Surely parking incorrectly in the parent and child spaces should be a capital offence?
  • JonR
    quite frankly those disabled fuckers have had it coming for a LONG time.
  • Mike
    Just quickly tell the kid you gonna stab him in the face if he doesnt fuck off. Simple. No need to get frustrated and work youself up.
  • Fizeroo
    Supermarkets? The only way I can stand the shop is late at night when offspring and blue rinses are in bed. I’ve decided the single evil of zombie shelf stackers pushing massive crates of eggs around is less stressful to navigate. You also get your very own assistant to assist with the unrecognised item on the self serve check out.

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