A quarter of food we throw away isn’t even opened

24 June 2014

foodwaste Thanks to BOGOF offers and our busy lifestyles – (ie, we’re wage slaves who are too tired to cook for our families from scratch), the UK is binning a million tons of food each year, some of which hasn’t even been opened.

The Government’s waste advisory body, WRAP, are blaming sell-by date confusion, poor cooking skills and the proliferation of buy one get one free offers from supermarkets.

They also say we’ve lost touch with the ‘value of food’ and that it’s part of our culture to leave food on our plates - which is rubbish (Bitterwallet's mam always made us eat all our food or get smacked with a stick).

Fresh produce like salad and vegetables are the first things to hit the bin, accounting for 30% of all food waste. Unopened bags of salad account for a staggering 260,000 tons, while 46,000 tons of carrots are chucked every year.

But hang on, is it all our fault for being bad cooks and wasteful idiots? Or is it the fact that supermarkets still insist on BOGOFs on fresh stuff you’ll never be able to use in time? (Unless you run a soup kitchen).

And could it be that we’re all so time-poor that we’re too exhausted to think about creative things to do with leftovers at 6pm when the kids need to do their homework and you’ve just put in a 12 hour shift at the call centre?

Let’s face it, when every day is a hard day, it’s easier to ditch the broccoli and get a takeaway, which are available on every street corner and heavily advertised into our eyeballs every waking hour.

But sure, WRAP, just say we’re crap cooks and make us feel guilty – that’ll help.

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