50p off your coffee at Starbucks

starbucks cup There's been some consternation over recycling cups with the major coffee chains in the UK. Well, Starbucks are doing something toward that - already, if you take in your own cup, you can save 25p on your coffee order, but next month, Starbucks will double the saving to 50p.

This will be a two-month trial which will take place across Britain.

A Starbucks spokesperson said: “In the UK we offer a 25p discount if you bring in your own reusable cup to our stores."

"From 1st April for two months, we’ll be trialling an increase in the discount of our reusable cup incentive to 50p for every drink purchased in any reusable cup, with the single exception of our £1 filter coffee."

"This can be any reusable cup, not only a Starbucks one – which we sell from £1."

So, if you go to Starbucks with any kind of frequency, would like to do a little for the environment, as well as save yourself some money, this is a good thing to get on board with. We assume you'll need a mug large enough to fit one of their drinks in, but they might like it if you just rock up with one of the cups from your cupboard at home.

Either way, give it a whirl and save yourself a bit of cash. Or make yourself a flask of coffee at home and save loads of money (we don't care, as we're not on commission).

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