You might get arrested if you're annoying online (we're all doomed)

8 January 2014

Found someone to be annoying online? Do you wind people up on social media or in the comments of articles? Well, say hello to the painfully wide Anti-Social Behaviour Bill which sets to criminalise anyone being annoying and, more vaguely, anyone threatening to be annoying.

Have a look at this nonsense.

BdckDrRCcAA-ojC A group are already furious about this proposed law and rightly want to put the scuppers on it. Courts would be able to impose these new rules on anyone indulging in "conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person".

That's 99% of anyone talking online, potentially getting slapped by the law simply for winding someone up. That said, we could potentially arrest charity muggers. Swings and roundabouts.

Fighting against it are Reform Clause 1 group who say that these baffling new rules are a "threat to free speech" and you can find out more about it at the parliament page for the antisocial behaviour crime and policing bill.

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  • noshit
    WTF, is dis real?
  • Alexis
    I like it. There are some real nob heads out there. Dragging them to court could be fun. You can apply for an injunction in any county court at the moment. This just creates some guidelines. There is hardly a queue of people trying it on at the moment and any injunction would be to just ban someone from an internet forum. Hardly life changing.
  • Grammar N.
    There's actually two limbs to the test, it's more than just being annoying - it has to be just and convenient to grant the order. There also has to be a degree of Anti-Social Behaviour. Stop getting excited that you will be able to use the legislation to arrest people who comment here!
  • leeisgod
    Does this mean if i watch a politician on iplayer i can have him arrested if he says something i font like. If it does that works for me.
  • Dumbass
    @ Alexis: A county court deals with civil matters (not criminal). This bill will criminalise behavior deemed to be 'of annoyance.' On the plus side Bitterwallet would probably be legally obligated to close the comment facility entirely.
  • Alexis
    @ Dumbass Yes, and you can take out a civil injunction using criminal law as a basis. That's why private prosecutions exist.
  • noshit
    @Dumbass: I think it would be deemed anti-social to remove an informative comments section and therefore illegal. I just farted btw.
  • Jeff N.
    Does this include articles printed in newspapers? If so, I think a fair few journalists may be out of a job.
  • Tits M.
    Does this mean no more Louis Spence on TV? Oh, and stop IP banning me mods, its annoying having to get of the sofa to reboot my router. I haven't offended anyone on here for nearly 2 days
  • Tits M.
    Oh FFS, I meant 'off', not 'of'. Here comes another ban...
  • Lando C.
    Clearly Mof does not allow for the possibility that anyone online might be from somewhere other than the territories subject to the laws of England and Wales
  • Joulupukki
    It's not looking good for you, Chewbacca. Not looking good at all. (cracks open champagne).
  • Samantha
    This sounds like it's trying to tackle online bullying, so I'm not sure I'm particularly opposed to it.
  • Coran
    I believe this was voted against by the peers, and is thus dead.
  • terminator
    Should take one out against IDS and not allowing the quality of life I have grown accustomed too!
  • jim
    Genuinely scary how many laws are getting passed that are eroding our basic human rights. Just scream "terrorist" or "peado" and you can get laws that will allow governments to throw you in jail for tweeting unfavourable truths about the government.

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