You can appoint a Facebook heir

28 July 2015

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo When you die - and you definitely will at some point - you might not have the time or wherewithal to sort out what happens to your social media accounts. You might not care. For those that do, Facebook have launched their legacy feature for people in the UK.

Basically, you can appoint an 'heir' who can decide what happens to your account once you shrug off your mortal coil and join the choir invisible.

Facebook describes your heir as "someone you choose to look after your account if it's memorialised."

With this feature, those of you who are over 18 years old, will be able to appoint a Facebook friend or family member to get the admin rights to your account. They'll be able to send out one last message on your behalf or "provide information about a memorial service," as well as being able to update the cover and profile photograph, and all that.

In a darkly comic turn, Facebook will get your corpse to try and win them more customers, as your heir will be able to add "old friends or family members who weren't yet on Facebook".

Your legacy contact will also get the opportunity of being able to download the photo archive, an archive of posts and profile details shared on Facebook. Facebook say that this contact won't have the rights to change existing friends and settings, remove or edit posts or see your private messages, which is something.

Of course, you could just write your passwords down and stick them in an envelope to be opened on your demise, if you prefer, but then people will be able to read everything in your inbox.

If you want in, go to "Settings", then "Security" and then hit the "Legacy contact" option.

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