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22 February 2011

If this really is a glimpse of the future, then we're pouring petrol over the doors and setting fire to the office. Because according to hipster marketing ubertwats PHD Worldwide, the world belongs to plummy, middle class kids.

A nauseating and ill-conceived piece of marketing horseshit, and one ultimately undermined by PHD Worldwide themselves, since they're deleting all negative comments from YouTube. That's the value of social and digital conversation, kids.

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  • DP
    The play button on that video looks like a Hitler 'tache.
  • Dick
    Nothing wrong with plummy, middle class kids. I'd prefer a world filled with them rather than lower class scum. Especially the blonde one. Anyhow I already interact with online avertising. As soon as I see it, I click the close button. And I interact verbally with the ad, usually uttering "fuck off".
  • hippy
    i use alot of gestures for adverts and the people in them. And i would rather have middle class kids telling me stuff than the usual rap trap kids saying "init" after everything init
  • rumplestiltskin
    Most of the kids in that ad couldn't even scratch their name in the dirt with a stick.
  • Slacker
    > Anyhow I already interact with online avertising. I don't - cheers Adblock Plus!
  • Mr S.
    They're talking back now. Run! http://phdworldwide.posterous.com/we-are-the-future
  • Jim
    Tried to look at PHD's riposte, only to be told by my netowrk administrator that "Access has been blocked because Tru-View has categorised this page as Offensive & Tasteless". It's probably the only time my network firewall has been 100% correct as I would almost certainly have violently regurgitated my breakfast at any justification PHD have tried to offer for this pant-shittingly godawful attempt to manipulate children in order to squeeze a few extra pennies from soulless marketing executives. "Augmented reality will be the new reality" - thanks, but I think I'll stick with the reality which has served humanity pretty well for the past 10,000 years rather than buying into some marketing shitspeak version of what counts as "reality".
  • delrio
    i'm struggling to see the 'middle class' here... is it because the kids can actually speak english with what is probably considered fairly neutral accents? take away the chavvy lot that spoke like they fell out of an estury in london and you're not far off how half the people where i grew up lived... peterborough - hardly the cheshire of east anglia the ad itself is contrived and twaddle, but it's advertising marketing - of course it is
  • Hairdressers L.
    Great post, Nice to see blogs about Leicester!

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