Yodel take action against 'libellous' tweets...

Poor Yodel. They made it through to the semi-finals of our Worst Company In Britain awards last year, and it seems that the public haven’t warmed to them any more since then.

In fact, lots of their customers have been tweeting about their less-than-perfect experiences and Yodel have brought in the lawyers, demanding that Twitter withdraw dozens of tweets that they claim are defamatory and “constitute a serious libel”.

Yodel have also demanded that a parody account @NotYodel and one in their former name, @HDNL be taken down, and Twitter seems to have complied with this. Courtesy of The Wall, here’s some of the tweets that have survived the attempted airbrushing by Yodel…





  • Shooter M.
    Veritas, Yodel. Veritas
  • Spencer
    That last post... I think I'd rather pigeon delivery than any courier company. A swarm of of them descending at my front door... with a jiffy bag tied to them via some string... untie your parcel... treat them with a pinch of trill... then watch as they gflap away ... it'd be brilliant! Anyway... I was reading recently about the next Gen delivery services... it's all changing folks! Thanks to an app in development.. the courier company user your smart phone to find you. GPS tracked to wherever you are... your phone will let you know the driver in en route to you where he/she is, how long they're likely to be and once they arrive your photo is displayed so the driver knows it's you... you enter a pre-defined pin to confirm delivery and the the driver heads off....
  • Kevin
    Problem is that it's not libel if it's not true and I'd guess all these people could easily prove the truth :)
  • ru
    IF it *is* true you mean
  • Sicknote
    I really could understand their stance if the accusations weren't true; my own experiences and a simple search of the internet suggests otherwise.
  • Me
    It depends of where you live. I am pretty sure that in New Bangladesh ( London) the services are worst than anywhere else.
  • Thefunboi
    Yup. Yodel are a bunch of bastards! The sooner Amazon roll out their locker scheme nationwide, the better. That'll be the end of Yodel then. Or, Amazon, if your reading this, maybe consider Collect+..., in fact, consider anything, just not Yodel.
  • Idi A.
    The #Ditchyodel tag has been removed too.
  • Cheesey
    Yodel are prime cunts. And their marketing/PR dept are cunts for bringing in lawyers who quite frankly are cunts. Yodel are too stupid to realise that there is only one winner, not them, and not the customer but the bastard lawyers who will be pocketing a fat fee. Take a look at Yodels homepage: "Introducing Yodel Here comes the revolution. With creative thinking and a cheery smile, we’re changing the way your parcels are delivered." How the fuck are they going to change the way parcels are delivered? Most parcels are shoved on a van/7.5t. Maybe they are going to use carrier pigeons?
  • Raggedy
    @Cheesey Are you Mike Hock in disguise (in disguise)? Are you Mike Hock in disguise?
  • Marky M.
    @ Cheesey All lawyers are cunts? Really? Who knew that? (Except Len Dastard of course, who seems to have disappeared.)
  • chewbacca
    Here's another "libellous" comment then. How about the drivers that leave "sorry we missed you" cards when you're in your fucking house?! Then when you catch them in the act the admit the parcel wasn't on the van on the first place? Yodel, you can fuck right off. You've cut too many corners and your service is shit. Same goes for myherpes.
  • Cheesey
    @Raggedy Are you Mike Hock in disguise (in disguise)? Are you Mike Hock in disguise? I take issue with you calling me Mike Hock ( .... is Mike Hock Cheesey - yes but the Doc has given me a special cream to treat it). I shall instruct my cuntish PR dept to instruct my cuntish lawyers to remove your libellous comments once I have surfed a few more days worth of porn.
  • Chewbacca
    ... and just when we had a semblance of interesting and thoughtful comments out come the trolls to drag this blog right back down again. Mike Hock? Nurse! Fetch the needle&thread, my sides have split. (awaits other hilarious names such as Mike Hunt and Mike Shitfuckingtroll)
  • tiderium
    I live on the top floor of a 4 block and the lazy fuckers couldn't be arsed climbing the stairs instead left the your not in card at the bottom of the stairs on the bottom step. when called and told someone would be in and to arrange delivery for the next day they did the same thing. except this time they sellotaped the card to the inside of the security door and claimed they couldn't get into the close. when I complained to the local depot manager he just shrugged his shoulders. useless tossers.
  • Gav
    My Yodel delivery guy is damn good.
  • bittertraveller
    I had an order with mothercare with free delivery thrown in with the offer. It didn't get delivered for 2 months. Mothercare customer service said that the delivery company tried 2 times to deliver. nada through the post box. canceled the order and got through someone else and collected in store. When will companies realize they get the bad reputation and lost custom by using companies like Yodel.
  • Gorgeous G.
    i fackin 'ate Yodel
  • Pizza A.
    Nice, option one is spend the time and effort fixing the fucked up company that masquerades as a parcel delivery company.... or option two is spend time and money suing the shit out of any fucker who dares to issue a complaint about them.... I'm guessing they might be quite busy suing the whole of the UK whose lives they must have touched (read: fucked up).
  • lumoruk
    They keep leaving my daughters nappies on the door step.... I'm lucky no one shits themselves when walking past.
  • Mustapha S.
    Lumoruk - are you the bald bloke from Mock the Week?
  • Buster G.
    My local depot has bars across the kiosk windows (like an old stylie post office)... probably to stop irate customers...sorry... marks... from beating the living shit out of them
  • qwertyuiop
    In fairness, Yodel DO change the way your parcels are delivered, in that something like 90% of them probably end up nicked and those that aren't end up being jumped up and down upon as if they were a trampoline. If Hitler were alive today, he'd probably be heading up this sorry excuse for a company. Fuck, they've probably traveled to Austria to have his corpse exhumed!
  • qwertyuiop
    Also, Watermelon Grapefruit and Mango probably must be clutching at the bit for clients if they represent these bastards!
  • qwertyuiop
    Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have written those NEGATIVE COMMENTS. Wouldn't want them to be confused for what libel actually is. Freedom of speech? What's that?
  • qwertyuiop
    Actually, that's a positive thought. If Yodel keep trying to get the hard truth silenced, think of all the money they'd be pissing away on lawyers. God knows how rife the internet is with Yodel related negativity. It isn't bad business that'll bankrupt you, it's your hilariously named legal team.
  • Expendable B.
    To be fair, it's not "lazy" Yodel employees who're causing Yodel to be shite, it's the fact that Yodel's trimmed everything down so much that everyone is overworked to fuck and instigated a management system that works against the employees, not with them. The drivers and depot staff literally do not have the time to do their job properly. And before anyone says, I don't work for Yodel. I'm a fish man.
  • Merman
    fish man ? WTF is dis real ?
  • Chester
    Is there a list of companies that use them as I wish to actually receive items I have ordered.
  • Fred B.
    Fucking Yodel shits. Waited in all day Saturday for a next-day delivery. (for it to be left behind @ the depot!) Bastard tracking is not in real time. Can be 2 to 24 hours behind so how is that of any sodding use!!! Why should customers have to wait in for a whole day and it not turn up!!! YouTube have footage of their shite antics!!!
  • Stefan S.
    There is nothing wrong with yodelling. You are all just pissed off because the great Roger Federer beat your little scottish turd at tennis.
  • Chewbacca
    @ stefan People in Scotland don't even like Murray. He's a torn faced cunt.
  • Dai
    Generally for something to be libel, it has to not be true.
  • Sandman
    Yodel are terrible, sat in all day waiting for a delivery nothing arrived, checked online tracking to be told 'delivery address does not exist' yet amazon had managed to send numerous parcels before gettin involved with this yodel farce Any company now using yodel I always look elsewhere before ordering, is yodel really worth it to those companies losing customers?
  • YodelDeliveryGirl
    Right I have been a delivery girl for them for about 6 months. I quit yesterday morning but am having the same problem trying to hold of a human person to tell! I have put up with so much crap and witnessed so much dishonesty its unbelievable hence why i quit. I have 70 parcels scattered round my house and im going crazy, i have called emailed text all of the contacts i have ever been given since ive worked there and i know my emails and texts have been read because im getting read reciepts. No one will answer me i feel terrible about the 70 parcels ive got here in my house that people are waiting for and they dont seem to give a crap. I have sent 17 communications to them since yesterday morn informing them im not doing this anymore so pls send the driver straight back to me to collect, no answer and 24 hours later im between hysteria at the riduculous situation, panicking and feeling bad for the 70 customers parcels ive got. Any suggestions, ive never known anything like it i just want an ankowledgement and someone to collect these bags of parcels ive got i know there being delivered (maybe) what is going on grrr
  • kiphakes.com: t.
    [...] It appears Tesco use HDNL / Yodel to get their goods from their warehouse / stockist and deliver it to the store. When your item is on its way to the store you can get the tracking number from your Tesco Direct account. This morning I checked the progress of the Nexus 7.. Things were going well.. it arrived at the Chelmsford Depot at 1.32am this morning, I checked the status later in the day and again, it appeared to be stuck at the depot, no mention of ‘Loaded onto a Van’ or ‘Out for Delivery’. I assumed this was probably a mistake and that the tracking info hadn’t refreshed, it does sometimes happen with nearly all the couriers. After having a rather busy day full of work, we drove to Tesco about 18.50 to collect my new toy. As I drove my text message alert fired, I stopped at the traffic lights to have a look. WHAT?!? How could it possibly be delayed, the parcel is in the right town, and merely 4 miles from the store, it arrived at 1am into the depot and didn’t get put on a delivery van?! What a fucking joke. Even worse that Tesco waited until nearly 3 hours after the collection time to tell me! Why didn’t they know it wasn’t arriving at 4pm? Why did nothing happen until 3 hours later? Why didn’t a member of the Tesco team ring Yodel and say ‘Er.. where is this missing parcel of our customer?’?! There is no joined up thinking here, it’s just tough luck all round. If they had told me earlier I could have driven to Yodel myself and collected the fucking thing! I got in touch with the @UKTesco Twitter team, who are very good when your grocery order fails, and happy to refund you / compensate you when things go wrong. It seems with ‘Direct’ orders, they can only look at what has happened, and log your comments. I don’t want my comments logged! I want someone at Tesco to put a rocket up the arse of someone at Yodel, and get it sorted. I’m not even sure why Tesco are using bloody Yodel anyway, their persistent failures are well documented with features on Watchdog. Yodel have got so annoyed with people slagging them off via Twitter they got several ‘libellous’ tweets and accounts taken down. [...]
  • babz
    wish i had read these b4 i ordered parcel getting delivered by this company. having bother with them as well. will not be ordering again if they are delivering.
  • babz
    wish id read this before i placed an order with this company delivering. wont make the same mistake twice.
  • Gus
    Yodel strikes again! They attempted delivery last Thursday, we were out and they left a card. We asked for parcel to be redelivered the next day, we were in all day, no one arrived, we found out that they had tried to deliver and left a second 'invisible' card (liars). Asked for it to be redelivered on Monday, yesterday......they did not pick it up from depot, despite having on their system for pick up (I called them and checked). Now today, again down for redelivery, still not picked up, asked to speak to manager, fat good that is going to do! Note this parcel came via Post NL (Netherlands), so other countries are using these bastards to deliver mail. If you having people send you stuff from abroad, ask them to check the local delivery is not by Yodel. Libel, bollocks.....truth it is! I can prove it...bring it on you Yodelling bastards!
  • Rob
    Waited in all day for a next day delivery for today from EBuyer, patcel still showing as sat in Yodel's depot when it should have been out for deliver They are utter crap. A good reason not to use EBuyer again whilst they send stuff with these incompetent clowns. HDNL and Yodel as they are now, are known in the trade as "The over the wall guys" as they have a propensity for chucking parcels over the wall or hedge into the garden then sodding off.
  • Dan D.
    Bloody hell. Why are Ebuyer using these morons, I'm fearing for my parcel now. Saturday delivery I paid for, and a fair whack for that as well - and I bet they don't arrive till 8PM so I have to wait in all day for those goons. Feckin' crap service. On another note dpd are particularly great. Never had a problem with them, and you can literally track where the driver is!
  • Vin
    Its all very true. They are a god awful company. Just this last half our I check for a status update on a next day delivery birthday gift due today. I have sat here since 9am (now 6:30pm). It had not updated since last night when it was at peterborough. It NOW tells me, the bastrd thing is now 80 miles further away and has NO CHANCE of arriving today. Complete and utter Wa*k*rs!!!
  • Gordon W.
    Very poor service. I don't understand why big company's use this crap firm. Last delivery was delivered by a stoned driver, I actually had to get the air fresher out as the pong of weed was so bad.

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