Yet another reason to review your Facebook privacy settings

16 December 2010

We've posted about similar sites in the past, but here's yet another reason to check your Facebook settings - Reasons To Hate:

Bitterwallet - Reasons to Hate

All of the unsecure status updates posted by users are available for the world to see through Facebook's public API - with a bit of coding, anyone can build a website to not only display these status updates, but make them searchable too.

Want to make friends in an anonymous and completely terrifying way? (that's our redaction, by the way)

Bitterwallet - facebook fail 1

Want to let your employer know how you feel about work?

Bitterwallet - Facebook Fail 2

Repeat until fade - set your Facebook profile settings to private.

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  • Potential A.
    Was the lesbo boss fit?
  • Stuart B.
    Lets just say I'd bang her
  • Becky L.
    Yeah she is, I def would
  • Pedant
    Delete your Facebook account. Simples.

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