Would mobility scooter owners be Dead Happy to have secret stickers stuck on them?

tumblr_m2vzqu0o2V1qifkhpo1_500 We’ve pretty much this week’s ‘Promotional Campaign Fail Of The Week’ award already sewn up and it’s only Monday morning – so congratulations to edgy Cambridge fashion retailer Dead Happy Clothing who have recently tried and failed with a breathtaking piece of social media grimness called the Shop Mobility Challenge.

The ‘challenge’ was outlined on their Facebook page (but has since been removed) and was worded thus:

Basically, you have to target a mobility scooter and then, find something possibly rude, brightly couloured and noticable to stick somewhere on the vehicle. Once you have done this, you must photograph your achievement and post it to our Facebook. If loads of people participate, then we will create a point system e.g. extra points if the person driving the scooter is in the picture. The person who gets the most points on their picture at the end of the week, might just win a prize ;)

‘LOL’, as we believe they say. Top ‘bants’ – well done all round. Not surprisingly, the general public didn’t take to this idea very much, what with it being a shameful exploitation of unknowing disabled folk, and there was something of a ‘backlash’ on their Facebook page.

As we said, the ‘challenge’ has now been withdrawn and all mentions of it on their Facebook page have been removed. It’s as if it never happened. But it did. Shame on you Dead Happy Clothing – let’s hope no one goes round to your shop and bungs loads of stickers on the windows, eh?



  • Mike H.
    These people on mobility scooters are a fucking menace. Why should we stick up for them? People only 'tweet' negative comments to seem like they give a shit. They are the kind of people that will push a disabled person out of the way to get infront of them in the iPhone 5 queue. Wankers.
  • klingelton
    this does sound fun!
  • Mary H.
    I'm having some 'I'm a fucking Menace!' stickers printed as we speak!
  • Pedo P.
    Errrr, sorry to break this to 'yall' but their promotion has work, well done.
  • qwertyuiop
    Those that are genuinely disabled don't deserve this. Those that are morbidly obese and are denying genuinely disabled users from having a scooter on the other hand should have stickers stuck to them and eggs/stones thrown at the many rolls of fat which make up their faces.
  • Sarah W.
    And some, qwertyuiop, are obese because they are disabled and can't get the exercise any more, or because of glandular problems. Save your vituperation for those people who are truly those with self inflicted harm - which you can't tell just by looking. Talking of throwing stones is a dangerous path to take; maybe one day you'll be disabled and fighting not to put on weight because you've become immobile and have taken to eating for comfort to fight off the depression of constant pain. The ones who are generally a menace are the skinny old men who had their first car before there was such a thing as a speed limit and drive like they think they're The Saint or the elderly women who have NEVER had a car because they relied on their husband and think that they have automatic right of way because they have very little control of what they are doing and rely on others to get out of the way. Mobility scooters should [and technically are] be liable to the rules of the road like any other vehicle and yes, I have come across a tale of one menace being nicked for speeding and driving without due care and attention.
  • Marky M.
    Personally, I save my vituperation for putting in special vituperation bottles that I buy online from Vituperation Bottles R Us. Some are shaped like those tomato-shaped ketchup dispensers you get in cafes. Imagine the fun!
  • Mike H.
    I expect many of these fucking menaces get away with tt becasue they are 'disabled' and no one wants to be seen having a go! That's utter bollocks Sarah, these fat fuckers are already obese, mobility has nothing to do with weight, put the pie down round boy! The bloke up the road is an alcoholic. He's fucked himself so much, he needs a mobility scooter to get to the pub/coop he drives it on the fucking road without plates, insurance or tax and he's pissed. Is that a good thing? I think I've made my point now fuck off you stupid bitch.
  • Sarah W.
    I'm a fatty
  • Sarah W.
    Out of interest, where would one get one-self a few of these stickers?
  • shagnasty
    Why do normal people turn up on this site ?
  • Marky M.
    Who are you calling normal?
  • Sarah h.
    Stop picking on my wife you nasty little fucker's. It is not my Sarah's fault that she is more intelligent than all off you unfunny bastards put together. I will be reporting this site to our weekly weight watchers group who, I have been informed by John that lives down the street, have the authority to have it taken down. Die in hell arseholes.
  • Mike H.
    Sarah Waldock's husband, does Sarah crimp a fat one off on your chest? Do you have a video?
  • The W.
    As I was trying to say early, but got moderated, I'm going to go around to all your houses and stuff your malodorous penises (yes, penises) into boiling jars of Veet, while I force feed you not Coffin shaped pies, but pies made of Coffins, yes Coffin Pie. And Cornettos. You utter utter bastards.
  • Milky
    Free mobilitee skootas, WTF is dis fer real blud!?
  • Sarah W.
    You people are disgusting, I cannot believe the comments that are allowed on this site! you go on about fat fuckers in mobility scooters being exploited by clothing firms and how amusing it is. I find this highly disturbing! However, Mike Hock sounds very sexy, I would like him to crimp a fat one off on my chest and maybe even tea-bag me sometime whilst eating some coffin and cornetto pie while we watch some fox banging porn. Don't tell my husband.
  • labels b.
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