Women Eat on Tubes to demonstrate against Women Who Eat on Tubes

Women eating. It’s so GROSS, isn’t it? Especially if they eat on the tube. I mean, what are they thinking? Surely they should just look nice and subsist on air, rather than subjecting us all to their vile public mastication?


That seems to be the thinking behind the crap Facebook page Women Who Eat on Tubes, where people are encouraged to post their HILARIOUS invasions of people’s privacy. The page is crammed with candid shots of random women, hungry and tired and eating a takeaways on the underground. Ha. Ha. So funny. Look at her! Eating! Does she have no shame?

Bizarrely, WWEOT has 18,000 members, but hot on its heels come two other Facebook groups who want to kick its ass. The groups, both set up by women, are staging events in opposition to the page. One, called the ‘Circle Line Lunch Party’ takes place on the 14th of April, encouraging women to scoff on the train.

The other group, straightforwardly named ‘Women Can Eat Wherever The F*** They Want’ is asking women to go to their nearest tube station on the 10th of April and eat on public transport.

It’s doubtful that the shady creeps who post on WWEOT will come down with their cameras to see them scoffing cream cakes and sandwiches, but Lucy Brisbane McKay, who dreamed up the Circle Line Lunch Party said:

Lucy ‘I thought the best thing was to get the power. This is about turning it around and putting the joke on the lads posting on the page.’

Don’t mess with the ladies. We will eat you for breakfast. On the tube.


  • bob
    Fucking disgusting pigs!!!
  • Coran
    In Hong Kong, eating on the tube is banned, because of all the mess it creates. So I can't really feel sympathy for people who want to eat on the train, as it not doubt creates mess for other users.. Perhaps they should start a Facebook page for "Men who eat on tubes", as an appropriate response.
  • CRapbag
    Its just a Facebook page like 'Full Kit Wankers'. This one just has women eating on the Tube. Whats to be upset about? Lucy Sweet taking sides in a feminist rant instead of simply reporting on the subject. Who would have thought it!
  • Coran
    @CRapbag It's a Facebook group with the word "women" in, so it's obviously an attempt by the patriarchal system to oppress the rights of women
  • David P.
    As far as I'm concerned, nobody should eat on the tube/trains - ESPECIALLY hot/smelly food.
  • Obi K.
    There's no need for faecebook pages like this, or indeed Full Kit Wankers. On the other hand, "PULL UP YOUR F***ING PANTS!!!" is an example of a group that is desperately needed.
  • Greg
    What a bunch of social media wankers people who live in London really are. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  • Captain T.
    Doesnt matter if it has the word 'women'in the title or not, its just a fucking Facebook page. How about the Facebook page 'Women who stand up on the Tube'? Is there a problem with that? Nope! But because it has food in the title, they moan. What a world we live in.
  • noshit
    Judging by a few smells it should be a 'Make sure your arse hole is clean' grp. Np round my way as the lazy poor steal the shit outta your arse before you even get on. 7 kids and 800 quid a week for fuck all. His wife must be as thick as shit to allow it, glad to see im not alone in bliss, cunts.

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