Win Assassin's Creed: Revelations on Twitter tonight!

11 November 2011

new hukd logo For the SECOND time this week, there’s a BIG GAME GIVEAWAY on Twitter tonight, courtesy of HotUKDeals and Dealspwn, with 18 copies of Assassin's Creed: Revelations to be snapped up. If you’ve done one of these recently, you’ll know how it works, but here’s some more info for the uninitiated.

Every hour, on the hour, between 6pm and midnight there'll be a question going up on either the @Dealspwn or @HotUKDeals streams on Twitter. The night will run like as follows:

6pm - HotUKDeals
7pm - Dealspwn
8pm - HotUKDeals
9pm - Dealspwn
10pm - HotUKDeals
11pm - Dealspwn

assassins-creed-revelations-coverAll you need to do is reply to the relevant stream on Twitter with the answer and the #winRevelations hashtag within the hour.

For example, if this is the question:

Win Revelations. What is Ezio's full name. #winRevelations

If the question came from Dealspwn, then you should answer:

Ezio Auditore da Firenze @Dealspwn #winRevelations

Or if the question came from HUKD, then answer:

Ezio Auditore da Firenze @HotUKDeals #winRevelations

Individual question rounds will last an hour, after which three winners with the correct answer will be chosen at random for each question.

As you'll see in the rules below, we only accept one entry per person. Multiple entries and duplicate posts are deleted upon data collation to ensure a level playing field.

Things to note:

One entry will be accepted per account per question. You're welcome to compete in all of the question contests, but the maximum you'll win is one copy.
One entrant per household.
UK entrants only.
Check your answers! You only get one shot per round so make it count. Online encyclopaedia's that may be edited at will by users are generally not the most reliable sources of accurate info.

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