Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindles next Wednesday!

12 November 2010

Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day - 200National Who Cares Day is next Wednesday. What is this day about? It's about telling people who spend their lives posting pointless status updates and tweets: "Who cares?". It's a day for you to say what you really think about those who spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter.

National Who Cares Day is not only your chance to speak your mind, but it's also a chance to win some smashing prizes!

If you support the cause on Wednesday, you'll be in with a chance of winning a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab worth £500 or one of two Kindles!

You've three chances to win on 17th November:

friend Bitterwallet on Facebook and change your Facebook avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo (you can download different sizes here)

follow Bitterwallet on Twitter, change your Twitter avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo and tweet the following on or before the day:

"17th November is Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day. Before you send a tweet, ask yourself: "Who cares?""

• between now and the 17th November, when one of your Facebook friends posts a pointless status update, reply "Who cares?" and send a screenshot of your exchange to [email protected] - and we'll publish the best

Every entry from each of the methods above will be put into a draw on the following day. Three entries will be picked at random - the first entry will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The next two entries picked at random will receive a Kindle WiFi. We'll publish full rules on the day.

Bitterwallet - Facebook friend support National Who Cares Day

And it's already happening; our friends on Facebook are slowly transforming into avid supporters of National Who Cares Day - if, like Adrian and Dan above, you friend Bitterwallet on Facebook and change your profile picture next Wednesday, it could be you winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

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  • Robert B.
    Who cares about Bitterwallet?
  • chris
    quality competition. I can see that it's possible to loose quite a few friends in the act of replying to their statuses with "who cares". I have wicked fantasy's of doing this. I mean who the fuck cares that you have just washed the dog, gone out shopping or what the fuck ever else. I'm not sure a shitty galaxy tab can compensate me with the loss of several friendships.
  • Melly
    I've changed mine, and no-one's noticed. Maybe it's the fact I'm worried about posting 'Who cares' all over people's dramatic arguments with housemates, or comments about what they're watching on tv. That's Uni for you.
  • Paul
    Chris - don't enter then you penis
  • Arbitrary
    All changed, and seriously - who cares!
  • Lee S.
    OK guys, I've changed my Facebook picture to the correct one now. Talk about being named and shamed :) I don't know whether to be horrified or honoured. A bit of both I guess. But seriously, "Who cares!" :)

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