Will the real Phil Neville please stand up?

18 June 2014

philneville Poor Phil Neville. I don’t mean the footballer, whose droning World Cup commentary has been the subject of a social media hoo-ha.

No, I mean Phil Neville the 60 year old radiator salesman from Suffolk, who has been receiving a barrage of abuse from punters thinking he’s the guy off the telly.

Mistaken identities happen all the time on Twitter, like in the case of poor John Lewis, a computer science professor at Virginia Tech who faithfully replies to compliments about his feather soft pillows and great customer service.

Then there’s a girl whose nickname is ‘The Ashes’, who has had to change her bio to read ‘I’m NOT A FREAKING CRICKET MATCH.'

Still, the other Phil Neville isn’t letting it get to him, and has been chirpily knocking back the brickbats. He’s even been using his accidental new found fame as a business opportunity.

'Please send @philneville off as I’m falling asleep', someone tweeted, to which he replied:

‘The radiator salesman from Suffolk is available to commentate on the Uruguay game on Thursday should the BBC require a replacement for Phil.’

DO IT, PHIL. Put us out of our misery.

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