Why your life is an open book on Facebook

26 May 2010

Facebook is receiving a metric fuckton of criticism at the moment; after luring you into a hermetically sealed world of trust where you and your friends can play and share, Facebook has attempted to capitalise on the rich seams of personal data provided by users, by constantly modifying its privacy policy - up to three times in the past six months.

Plenty of people have successfully locked down their privacy settings every time Facebook has fiddled with the terms of use. Other people have simply deactivated their accounts. However, because there have been so many changes, and because changing the privacy settings is a convoluted process of menus and options, there are plenty of users who haven't a clue about whether their information is private or not, or even what the consequences are.

In April, Facebook created a public API for all this information. The result is that all of it - profiles, photos, status updates and more - can now be seen by everyone. Openbook is a website that taps into that API - all those status updates that users might think are private, Openbook has made them searchable. You don't need to be friends with individuals or be logged into Facebook - which is very much the point - and you can search for anything.

We're certain your efforts at juvenile search terms will surpass ours, but here's a selection we found this morning. Let's start with some good old fashioned racism:

Bitterwallet - Facebook 2

Whatever gets you through the day, eh?

Bitterwallet - Facebook 4

If we're off to the pub, we usually settle for a can of Stella and a shave:

Bitterwallet - Facebook 5
Next, a girl with relationship issues:

Bitterwallet - Facebook 3

More blatant "but it's only a joke!" style-racism.

Bitterwallet - Facebook 1

If you're the neighbour of this lady, perhaps you should just stay indoors from now on. Or move.

Bitterwallet - Facebook 7

Stay classy, Josh.

Bitterwallet - Facebook 6


  • Nobby
    About fucking time they did this. It makes spying so much easier.
  • Nobby
    Have a search for wanking. Even Prince Charles has got in on the act.
  • That t.
    They should rename it, Chavbook
  • Hershel R.
    I take it the words in bold are the words you searched for? Also, who doesn't need a good rimming tonight?
  • That t.
    Hey Josh we should hook up...
  • Smith
    “They 'trust me'. Dumb fucks.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. Nuff said.
  • Vibeone
    leave us hukd'ers alone
  • PaulH
  • Fifi
    "They should rename it, Chavbook" I'd have said Knob-headbook but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  • Hershel R.
    I just found this one: Tom Clark oh god! Spunked everywhere! Just the thought of rimming a badger and feltching a porcupine!!!! Watch out wildlife I'm going for a run later ;) Is he anyone on here?
  • Jamey
    I don't think I've ever bothered to update most of my privacy settings on Facebook (the odd photo album was restricted and one or two status updates had a few people excluded) so I was surprised to find that none of my stuff was searchable on Openbook. Couldn't find anything of mine on there.
  • Hershel R.
    Hey anyone know Josh? I think we should hook up...
  • Mike H.
    Apparently, Josh and Dean like nothing better than to share a can of Right Guard.
  • blagga
    I had a scream with this last week. Here was my favourite: http://www.4freeimagehost.com/show.php?i=56ca81c91d31.jpg
  • David d.
    Hey anyone know Josh? I think we should hook up...
  • Brian's U.
    Whoever puts personal information on Facebook deserves all the crap they get. It astounds me how some people are so naive. I have no sympathy for these stupid people.
  • robstar
    Even if you hide the tabs (wall, info, photos etc) but don’t set up security correctly people can still see the tabs by changing text on the url.
  • BobbyB
    New web apps are coming that are going to sink Facebook!!! People should keep an eye out for dizeo for starters
  • Bitterwallet* B.
    [...] a fact**, ladies and gentlemen. Just hours after Bitterwallet launched a blistering attack on Facebook’s deliberate and continuous attempts to erode personal privacy, Facebook have [...]

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