Who are the most annoying people on Facebook?

groomed man Facebook guarantees you one thing - someone, at some point, is going to annoy the living piss out of you.

Who is the most annoying though? Is it keep-fit freaks? Is it people who like to share aspirational messages about lightness and well-being? Is it people who fancy themselves as political tastemakers who post overly long dribblings about something they clearly have very little grasp on?

Apparently, it is lovey-dovey couples who boast about their wonderful relationship or parter who really get everyone's ire up the quickest.

A survey showed that 26% of respondents said they were pig-sick of seeing sickly sweet messages relating to someone's other half.

“There is nothing worse than going on Facebook and seeing someone gushing over their boyfriend or girlfriend,” one of the people surveyed by promotionalcodes.org.uk. “It's so unnecessary, why can't couples just text that sort of thing to each other? Or better yet tell them to their face.”

22% also hated those who brag about their lives, while 19% said it was those who post too many updates who really make them feel stabby.

Another respondent said: “I hate people who use Facebook just to boast about how perfect their life is. They share information just to brag about how great things are for them. It makes me want to hit the unfriend button every time I see it.”

Also high up the gripes were people who moan too much, animal lovers, fitness fanatics and stalkers. Stalkers there, not as bad as people who are in love.

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