WhatsApp to go gif crazy!

WhatsApp to go gif crazy!

While Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have been gif heavy for a while, WhatsApp is getting in on the action now!

So you'll finally be able to reply to boring messages from people with various Tina Fey eye-rolls, moving Rick Astley memes, and whatever the latest Spongebob image has gone viral.

There's a Twitter account called @WABetaInfo, who look at all the changes and developments with the popular messaging app, and they say there's a new version - called version exciting enough - that is coming our way.

And in this version, you'll find a new gif option, which will autoplay rather than being small videos.

Will it have a built-in gif library like Twitter? Doesn't look like it, so you may well be thinking 'what's the point?' if you're aged older than 25 years old.

Gifs, we all know, are catnip to young people.

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