What's all this about a secret Facebook inbox?

facebook mobile Almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook account, but of course, the loudest people are those that don't. Either way, with so many people having one, you'd think we'd all know everything about it.

Not so, as it seems that a lot of people are missing messages, thanks to a secondary inbox.

A lot of people have been talking about this 'secret' inbox lately, mainly to complain about how they've only just heard about it and missed out on a load of messages. Mostly, it'll be spam you're not bothered about, but it also might be a message from an old flame or some distant relative telling you someone's died.

You're meant to get a 'message request' which lets you know there's something in this other inbox, but unsurprisingly, these notifications don't always work.

So how do you get access to these messages? A lot of you will already know this, but for those that don't, here's how.

Hit the "Settings" icon in the top right

Select "People"

Select "Message Requests"

Below the messages that appear there, press the link that says "See filtered messages"


Hopefully, you won't find any job offers or anyone offering to get off with you 18 months ago, as that would be an irritating thing to miss out on. You should be fine though.


  • What?
    These instructions don't work through a web browser or through the Android app just FYI.
  • Trolleyfucker
    If you open messenger in Android it works.

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