What are the most stylish Egyptian protesters wearing this Spring?

4 February 2011

For a company, corporation or brand, Twitter can be an invaluable way of getting their ‘message’ across to the masses, raising awareness of their product or service and acting as a source of free publicity.

Or, if you’re US fashion house Kenneth Cole, it can be the medium that you use to crassly piggy-back on to the trauma and suffering of thousands and thousands of Egyptians in an attempt to hype your latest collection of stupid clothes.


Facepalm. As we are led to believe all the kids are saying...


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  • Nob
    I am quite surprised that the Sky Marshall hasn't announced a new route to Cairo. Just announced it, with no intention of actually doing it.
  • PokeHerPete
    I prefer the Ken Kaniff range. Ken is back, tell some men...
  • Richard M.
    Don't feign politically correct offense at this Dawson, I've seen some of the shit that you write on here...
  • Nestor S.
    Thanks to your insightful opinion. I have learned something very interesting today.

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