We're all lying about ourselves online and getting into trouble because of it with our partners, who are spying on us. Shameful.

7 September 2011

brand new computer with nice legs nearby Modern Britain – a land bereft of trust, where man and wife sneak about like secret agents, prying into each other’s emails and social network accounts. At least that’s the picture that’s been painted by the results of a new survey on the subject.

One in five women who took part admitted that they have had a craft butchers at their partner’s private online messagey stuff without their knowledge. Men seem to be altogether more easy-going and/or less suspicious, with just one in ten having a sneak peek.

Further to that, 15 per cent of women said that the stuff that they had found then led to arguments with their partner, compared to seven per cent of men in the survey, which was carried out by Norton. They said it all meant that Britons were happy to be economical with the truth about themselves while online, with 34 per cent admitting to lying or creating a false identity while tap-tapping away on their computers.

So then Bitterwallet commenters – are you REALLY who you say you are? Or all you all jobless 52-year-olds, living in the spare bedroom of your ailing parents’ houses....?


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  • PokeHerPete
    Competition entries?
  • Derooftrouser
    How dare you cast such aspersions, sir! I'm barely over 35, and it's *my* bedroom.
  • MrRobin
    I'm Spartacus!
  • Richard
    Ah, them 'craft butchers'. A dying breed I think. Blame the supermarkets.
  • Dick
    I'm a 6'6" blonde (woman) with 36DD juggs if anyone wants a beating.
  • The B.
    Let's not go there, some of us know what happened last time I pretended to be Bob Crow.
  • great s.
    are we assuming these people told the truth in a survey!?

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