Want to know how to kill Bill on Facebook?

25 January 2016

People can be incredibly annoying on Facebook at the best of times, but when they stumble across a new meme, and then promptly overuse it, you might start feeling murderous.

Of course, no court in the land would convict anyone for lamping someone because they've overdone it with a new joke, and screwed it into the ground.

The latest advised you to be like 'Bill', a stick man with a hat on. Bill, basically, is a judgemental little git, and people add their own text telling you how to live your life and all that. The good news is, is that you can kill Bill.


Basically, if you see a 'Bill' post, you can either unfollow or delete the friend who shares them (unfollow on Facebook means you'll still be pals, but you won't see any of their updates, while unfriending them sees you deleting them from your network entirely) or, just get rid of the Bill memes.

When you see one, click the drop down arrow on the right of the post, then all you have to do is hit 'Hide all from' from the app your friend has been using.

This works for any meme, page, or website that might do your head in. So if you're sick of seeing inspirational Upworthy posts, tired of people sharing links from a particular magazine, or whatever, the above instructions should get rid of them.

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