Want to block Facebook's Bitstrips before you kill someone?

bitstrips If you've been using Facebook recently, you may have noticed everyone who can't draw making cartoons of themselves, thanks to an app called Bitstrips. If you have seen these faux-comics, then there's a high probability that you've looked into ways of ending your life.

The app has been downloaded more than 11 million times since its launch and thanks to the new iPhone and Android updates, pictures from it are becoming more rampant than the Farmville requests of yore.

In fact, nearly as ubiquitous as the strips themselves, is people sharing tips about how to block the images. Some people are just complaining about it constantly.

Bitstrips CEO Jacob Blackstock blathered on about it, saying: "Bitstrips is hard to categorise because it’s not a game. It’s a new way to express yourself and interact with your friends. Instead of posting the same things as everyone else, you can create something that relates to your life."

Either way, there are ways of blocking the app. In the drop-down menu next to an image, you can block-all. Click here and you'll see how easy it is. If that doesn't work, visit the app itself and block it there.


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