Want a kidney? Buy one on Facebook

11 March 2014

Bitterwallet - Facebook For some reason, Facebook users in the UK don't need kidneys and really like having needless operations. We know this because there's a report which tells us all that they're trying to sell them on Facebook.

A Scottish newspaper found that people are trying to make some quick cash by selling bits of their insides to complete strangers.

The reporter posed as someone who had a sister who needed a transplant, so he advertised himself on a Facebook page and received 11 messages from people who were willing to go without an organ in exchange for cash.

One man from the North said he wanted £30,000 for his kidney, while someone in Northampton thought less of his innards and asked for £20,000.

Luc Noel, an advisor for the World Health Organisation, said that the "Facebook experience is revealing. It demonstrates the vulnerability of some people and the power of easy money. This is one of the reasons to prohibit payment.”

For legal reasons, we should point out that Facebook doesn't condone having a marketplace for internal organs, but then again, they're weird and like beheadings more than breastfeeding photos, so you never know.

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