Wal-Mart miss point of Twitter with epic rule fail

12 July 2009

Like most switched-on retail giants, America’s Wal-mart have got on the Twitter bandwagon and are sharing their corporate thoughts with anyone who’ll listen via the latest social networking phenomenon.

Unfortunately, they also kind of missed the point of Twitter’s 140-character tweet limit and posted a 3,379-word Terms Of Use agreement for all new followers to read and comply with if they wanted to subscribe to the dull blatherings of the Wal-Mart marketing dudes.

As someone cleverer than us worked out, the EULA lasts for 23,056 characters, a whopping 165 tweets. Since there was some initial online kerfuffle about it, Wal-Mart have trimmed it all down to a much more user-friendly page that they’re calling ‘Wal-Mart's Twitter External Discussion Guidelines.’ They even use cool internet buzz words like ‘win’ and ‘fail.’


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  • joe
  • The M.
    wal mart tossers
  • Gary G.
    shop wankers!
  • Alex -.
    Ya right - so you can send me lots of pretty useless tweets i can read in a flyer anyway, i'm gonna read a Terms and Conditions. Wonder how target handle twitter? I know Wallyworld allready screwed up over there a yr or so ago so I guess they figured they might as well miss the point on more social networks...
  • > H.
    Twitter? Walmart? What/who the fuck are they?
  • Will
    *Will likes this*
  • Ryan
    Oh dear!
  • Bullet
    I wish all this had just stopped with the Snes. Twitter is such and annoying word.
  • goon
    i find podcast to be a much more annoying word it is not even a word it makes me so fucking mad i want to stab the radio every time they say it what a a shit gay made up gay word twitter is also a gay word. so are those that use it

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