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5 January 2011

Nominate @bitterwallet in the Shorty Awards! It's a travesty that in over two years, Bitterwallet hasn't been recognised for its sterling efforts in mediocrity and recurring gags. Today we're righting that wrong, because all those hours of us screwing around on Twitter are finally going to pay off. We hope.

The Shorty Awards hand out big chunks of glass to folks who use Twitter. We've noticed a whacking great opportunity in the finance category - so far, there are only two nominations, so we've nominated ourselves. We're not sure whether we're allowed to do that, but we've done it anyway.

We now need your nomination to ensure we're in the top six by the end of January, so if you're on Twitter then click on the button above or this link vote for us.

You'll need to give a reason for the vote to be eligible - we'd appreciate it you said something nice, but we recognise that's asking a lot from some of our more avid readers.

Thanks in advance! Or maybe not - we'll leave it with you.

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  • PokeHerPete
    Shorttyyyyyyyyyyy, she was worth the money. She took my cash, I aint want it back. That awards site is a bit gay if you ask me, its like a evolution of the old school Web Awards that everyone won.
  • The B.
    Sorry, I don't use Twitter so regardless of what good chaps you are I feel I'd be lying if I cast a vote for anyone..
  • Cheats
    Begging for votes what's in it for us?
  • Internet T.
    And the award for best fox bumming related website goes to.....
  • noodles
    why would i vote for you..complete joke of articles, and mostly rehashed hours after the stories broke on other blog sites. vote for the chive..more fun to read! and quit beggin and show some class!
  • Paul C.
    @noodles I thought school started again yesterday? Oh, I'm being silly - 'special' schools don't go back until next week.
  • Darren
    I agree with noodles for the first time ever, I used to check this site every time a new story was posted, but of late it has got very dull and not real news that is not already posted elsewhere or weeks before..... D
  • noodles
    Thanks darren, pleasures all mine :-)
  • noodles
    @ paul it takes one to know :-p
  • Paul S.
    Noodles / Bobby - you're absolutely right, if you ignore all the original posts we publish. Oh, and if you ignore the fact that not everyone reads the same websites, and nobody reads all of them. Case in point - here's a story published by Wired yesterday - - and here's the same story published by BW last month: Props!

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