Vodafone have nothing left to say on new data charges

1 June 2010

Well now you know what you're dealing with. A couple of weeks ago we sent an open letter to Jakub Hrabovsky, Head of Web Relations at Vodafone, after he claimed our coverage of the company's "consistent" message concerning new data charges had been unfair. The open letter walked through the many instances of Vodafone contradicting itself, making confusing statements and explained why Vodafone's behaviour appeared anything but consistent.

Hrabovsky never replied, not officially at least, but yesterday saw fit to comment on his personal Twitter account:

Bitterwallet - Jakub Hrabovsky, Head of Web Relations, Vodafone on Twitter

Actually, there's plenty more to say, especially when many of the questions have been answered incorrectly or dodged altogether. We've already published pages of comment and statements on the matter (you can read a summary here), but throw in the fact that some customers are already claiming to have being charged for additional data usage after just one month, it's difficult to see how Vodafone can claim their actions have been anything other than a fat mess.

Here's what we're going to do next: tomorrow we'll publish a short and concise post about Vodafone's behaviour over the past month. We'll explain why they haven't treated their customers very fairly. Then we'll turn to Twitter; Vodafone use Twitter extensively for customer service, reaching out to customers who have issues or queries, and to those Twitter users who are interested in changing service providers.

On Twitter, Bitterwallet can have as much profile to individual users, as Vodafone. So from tomorrow morning, every person who contacts Vodafone via Twitter will be sent a link to the article; every user that Vodafone reaches out to of their own accord will be sent a link to the article. If you're on Twitter, we'd encourage you to do the same. We don't hope to achieve anything than mild irritation - we're exceptional at that, at the very least - and make the point that Vodafone handled this issue, and their customers, very poorly.


  • Kevin B.
    Guerilla tactics, I like! Not a Vodafone customer but from reading all of this, they have treated their customers like dirt and would be a massive turn-off if I was to ever look elsewhere.
  • Ian
    Nice work. I left Vodafone for T-Mobile a couple of months ago, and at first I was really annoyed since Vodafone do have excellent coverage and T-Mobile's wasn't so good. But since the fair use policy has gone, I'm actually quite pleased.
  • dunfyboy
    Vodafone are the Israeli Navy of phone firms. Until the next time 02, T Mobile or Orange fuck up. Then we'll all be angry at them instead. In truth, they're all fucking awful, and Ofcom does little, if anything, when they break the law or just generally shit on their customers. A plague on all their houses.
  • Daniel Z.
    Sounds like a good plan mate! :)
  • Matt
    There is a new official post on their forums stating about the free 1GB upgrade, but it's only for certain phone users. I own a Magic, I'm not included, I'm doomed to fork out an extra 20% on top of my price plan, despite the fact I only go over their derisory 500mb limit by 50mb-100mb per month. Unless I can convince them to cancel my contract after a few months of inevitably higher bills. Fuckers.
  • Matt
    Here's the post: Hi everyone, I'm just popping on in response to the questions over the last page or two. - As there has been no notification, is this still going ahead? There has been no "proper" confirmation. Yes, charges for exceeding the FUP will still be taking effect as per the announcement here and our previous responses. There will be no blanket notification as the Vast majority of our customers don’t exceed their allowance on a regular basis. The miniscule minority of customers who do will receive plenty of warning before incurring any charges. - Is it true that the 500MB limit has now been scrapped and replaced with a 1GB limit? It hasn’t been scrapped for all handsets but if you have a HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Desire, Nexus One (which was previously 1GB), HTC HD2, SE X10, Samsung Galaxy S or Nokia N900, you can ask for a free upgrade from 500Mb to 1Gb as long as your line rental and commitment period are preserved. This is available from today. The decision to make this available for these handsets is a commercial decision based on the cost of the handset and the amount of data customers use. We’re always monitoring usage and upgrade plans accordingly to make sure our customers browse internet on their mobiles with confidence and no nasty surprises on their invoice. DaveN eForum team
  • John
    Fascinating - that's one company I won't ever be using.
  • TH1882FC
    Count me in. The latest announcement wins me up even more as i took out my contract with a free htc magic. However that is gone and im now using a desire
  • Funk E.
    How NOT to use Twitter. He must realise that he'll be scrutinised, yet intersperses casual "hungover" comments with work-related deflections. Horrible approach from someone paid a fortune to handle Voda's "web comms". Must be someone's son/nephew
  • Brad
    I do like this bit "you can ask for a free upgrade from 500Mb to 1Gb as long as your line rental and commitment period are preserved. This is available from today. " So you wont get it unless you ask, and im sure they will be plastering this information all over......
  • Adam
    ...and it's not even that straightforward - I have just been on the phone to Vodafone Csutomer Services - apparently not only do you need to have the right kind of phone to quilify (I do), you also need to be on a 'premium' price plan in order to move across - otherwise they will charge you more..... grrr
  • The B.
    If I could actually get on the Vodafone mobile data network then I might be able to use it but it's very rare I can get anything other than gprs. Not bad considering I live and work in London.
  • Babar
    I am all for retweeting your messages! I do believe that Vodafone will f**k us over many times in near-future!
  • Jonny S.
    What a bunch of fucking numb nuts - glad I left them for o2!
  • N20Y1D
    Taken from the vodafone e-forum: I imagine that this post may get removed because although it is free advice I suspect that it is strongly in opposition to the Vodafone's wishes. I've waited to post it until a few people get a chance to see it before it probably gets removed. If I may politely point out: I think it has been fairly well established that the proposals from Vodafone constitute an actual change in your T&C's which is to your disadvantage. Vodafone just don't want to change the wording at this point because it would mean an instant let-off from the remainder of your contract. So now they are trying to sucker you all into accepting anything, just anything, rather than have to live with 500mb/month. I personally would suggest that you accept nothing. No change is acceptable. What you had before was perfectly ok. You are being fooled into accepting the lesser of two evils, when there is no reason to accept any change. Vodafone are tied into a contract with you which they cannot vary to your disadvantage without 14 days notice and without giving you the chance to tell them, "no way, I'm outta here". I advise that you think very seriously - before you agree to anything - just what you are giving up and what you are commiting yourself to : i.e. a contract with a different set of terms & conditions.
  • Tony M.
    I dont have a vodafone contract, but aren't they just a set of jism monkeys.
  • matts76
    I have been upgraded to the 1gb fup the first time i called i was told it was for new customers only, but once i found the post on the vf eforum and called back (recording the call) i refered them to the post and asked to UPGRADE MY FUP TO 1GB and they upgraded me straight away. However after that i got a text saying i had gone over my 500mb limit, so i went online and had a live chat with someone at vf customer services and this is what she said: You are about to be connected to a online customer service adviser for Vodafone UK. Chat InformationYou are now connected with Sunil. Sunil: Hello, you're chatting with Sunil, one of Vodafone's online customer service specialists. May I take your name please? You: hi You: can you confirm the data alowance on my contract please Sunil: Hi, how are you doing? Sunil: Sure...:) Sunil: Can I take your mobile number please? You: 07########3 You: and can you confirm if its a hard limit or fup please Sunil: Sure.. Sunil: Let me pull up your account on my system... Sunil: Can I take your full name please? You: ####### **** Sunil: Thanks.. Sunil: For security reasons, may I confirm the 1st and 2nd digit of your PIN You: #* Sunil: Thanks.. Sunil: Your data allowance per month is 1 GB... You: and is that with a fup Sunil: No, you will receive 1GB of data allowance per month to be used... You: when i called yesterday to upgrade the limit i was told by 191 it was an increase to my fup i have not at any point agreed to a hard limit, nor would i! You: my contract states there is a fup and i have not agreed to any new t&c's You: you still there? Sunil: Yes I am ... Sunil: With your price plan, you will receive 1 GB of data allowance... Sunil: Let me tell you that it is subjected to a fair usage policy of 1 GB.. You: thankyou, im gonna keep a copy of this chat for my records So as far as i can see there has been no change to my T&C's so if they ever charge me for going over 1gb i will cancel my contract as it is still subject to a fup, the only difference is the size.

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