Vodafone gets legal on customer for complaining on Facebook

Bitterwallet - VodafoneFacebook is good for nothing if not pissing and moaning about companies and their lacklustre customer service. But you don't expect to have lawyers set on you for complaining, and no company in their right mind would ever go that far. Imagine the bad press it would cause? So step forward Vodafone India, who have no such concerns about looking like corporate tools.

The Next Web reports that customer Dhaval Valia complained on his personal Facebook profile about Vodafone's 3G services, which weren't available where he lived despite the service provider claiming otherwise. After a month of moaning to Vodafone, he let rip:

"Finally got Vodafone to admit that across Mumbai they have only 50% cell sites on 3G. Spoke to CEO (chief executive officer) and CMO (chief marketing officer). Told them that this is blatant cheating.'CMO in typical babu style told me if you aren’t happy with service, you have choice to move to another operator. I told I choose to stay with Vodafone and give them grief if I don’t get promised SLAs. Grudgingly he made 2 months 3G plan free worth 2500.“

According to Vodafone, Dhaval went on to send text messages to its management and post contact details on Facebook, as well as having an argument with a member of customer services. Dhaval's friends then got stuck into Vodafone on Facebook too, at which point the company's legal eagles sent a notice stopping him from making further comments and asking that all defamatory posts be removed within 48 hours.

The bigger question might be how Vodafone accessed the Facebook account; assuming Dhaval hasn't just discovered the security settings, then it appears his Facebook account is set to private. His fiery response to the legal requests states that Vodafone illegally accessed his personal information before passing it onto a third party - their legal representation - without the customer's consent.

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  • dacouch
    As the guy lives in India, do you think he has to deal with a call center in the UK ?

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